On june 3rd, 19-year-old Boyan Slat unveiled the results of the feasibillity study, indicating that we can likely clean our oceans. For more information and to support the next phase, please visit

Erwin Zwart

“Run boy run”

Allard Faas
Dominique Hennequin
Freek Zonderland
Herman Zonderland

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20 thoughts on “THE OCEAN CLEANUP – The Beginning”

  1. The plastic companies are poisoning your children. Plastic can only be
    recycled up to 9 times. This campaign also has 0 effect unless the
    plastic factories cease the production. This plastics that he will
    collect (and not the big chunks but the small ones are problem) will get
    recycled (poisoning the waters and the air in the process) and
    aferwards will be disposed in the oceans or the landfills poisoning
    everything again. Stupid campaign – waste of money and energy.

  2. ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT IS TREASURE FOR SOME REASON… what if there's Treasure? lol hahahaha

  3. Garbage is gathering in garbage island(Great Pacific Garbage Patch) according to the flow of the sea. But is it necessary to collect garbage while installing facilities in the middle of the ocean and putting a burden on the environment? Would not it be more efficient to treat garbage naturally collected on garbage islands(Great Pacific Garbage Patch)?

  4. It's just a buffer solution: to solve the problem definitively the plastic must be completely replaced by biodegradable materials

  5. “God Speaking To Anne Terri Through The Holy Spirit: Instead of hitting the unlike button, find a way to help him instead. The trash in the sea seems insurmountable, but at least he's trying . AMEN”

  6. I am the only one to think that it's the musique of the movie Divergent! But I think that it's a big and good project! I hope that it will lead to something who function!

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