The Science of ‘Yanny or Laurel’

Do you hear Yanny or Laurel in this clip? The audio took social media by storm and divided friends and coworkers (including the Popular Science office) We asked sound experts to analyze the clip to get a definitive, scientific answer.

Producer/Video by:
Jason Lederman

Sara Chodosh

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I am Simon, a fourth year physics student at St. Peter’s College, University of Oxford. I try my best to help applicants to Oxbridge with answers from the other side of the fence and, where possible, make videos that people will find useful.

40 thoughts on “The Science of ‘Yanny or Laurel’”

  1. In my opinion 9/11 was like the static-filled phrase you hear at first. Then the ‘accepted narrative’ was laid over it by media/government/tptb, and it became ‘the juice of lemons makes fine punch’ in our memories. The reality is in my opinion much more inherently nebulous than our government wants us to believe, and it is afraid of us – the people – finding this out. 9/11 was, in my opinion, a happening of some sort that was just not clearly defined in our reality in the same way as we are used to having things clearly defined. It was a somewhat liminal event that nonetheless became real enough to do damage within reality. If the government has a more satisfying explanation for what happened than what they have already given us, then they should cough it up soon- before people start realizing the liminalness of the whole thing.

  2. Who can control what u hear because I keep making it go yanny to Laurel and repeat by saying yannylaurel in my head u can try it to see if it works for u and try it with you're friends

  3. 8 seconds in to the video and there is the name Cloe ( Chloe ) witch is my name and is spelled Cloe too

  4. What? There isn't even an "L" sound at all, or the "R" sound, I don't hear the "Laurel" at all and think the people saying they can even hear the "Laurel" in it are bluffing. It's saying "Yanny"….. Stop bluffing, people are people really this stupid to believe these idiots saying they hear Laurel, hahaha.

  5. Laurel. Think it depends what parallel one is on..cant find a reasonable explanation. It is messed up

  6. i can hear whatever one i want at any time. i hear both but if i want to hear yanny i can hear it if i want to hear laurel i hear laurel

  7. I am 15 and I have lost interest in physics. Idk why but all of a sudden I had lost interest in it. Ever since I was a kid I was so amazed by space, and then at age 15 I had suddenly drifted away IDK WHY!. My reading lvl is at a highschool lvl do you have any books to get you back intrested in physics? Anything without equations would really help me. Thx

  8. Sir I am a biologist from India.. I want to learn quantum physics.. From which book i should start..

  9. Death by black hole- Tyson
    Pale blue dot-Sagan

    Also for chemistry
    Periodic Tales- Hugh Williams

    Selfish gene- Dawkins

  10. if you find mathematics interesting then you should go for "17 EQUATIONS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD" by ian stewart


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