Thermal Energy Storage Project: Icebox

My thermal energy storage project. Stores thermal energy by freezing water into ice.

L’énergie thermique des mers

DCNS Energies développe des projets d’énergie thermique des mers s’appuyant sur les ressources naturelles illimitées offertes par les mers tropicales afin d’offrir, aux territoires d’outre-mer, une énergie renouvelable, décarbonée et sans aucun risque pour l’environnement.

Ce concept, basé sur l’océanothermie, permet aux îles et zones isolées de disposer de systèmes sur mesure offrant une énergie non-intermittente et une alternative écologique aux énergies fossiles comme le gaz, le pétrole ou le charbon et contribuant ainsi à leur indépendance énergétique.

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  1. Hey I liked your project very much. I´m working the same idea to cool milk, larger scale
    i was hoping to get it done something similar as you have had, im searching for those dc compressors to directly connect them to pv, hope you could lend me a hand to find them!! thanks for the video!

  2. Im a bit confused hopefully you can help me understand , but what energy are you storing? because from my understanding you are using energy to pull the energy away from your ice box, the lack of heat is a direct indicator that your molecules have slowed their movement hence lost energy inside the ice box. so are you storing the thermal energy drawn from the ice box in a separate container ? because the presence of cold is simply the lack heat the same as; darkness is the lack of light or evil is the lack of good. please give me some clarity when you get some time

  3. This is called the "Ice Bank" system.  Used to be extremely popular for large buildings that were only occasionally occupied such as coliseums and churches.
    They would run small refrigeration systems for days to freeze large quantities of ice and then use that ice to produce chilled water to cool the building.  It effectively allowed the use of much smaller systems to provide a huge cooling capacity in a very short period of high demand.  The efficiencies were also much higher because there was very little cycling of the compressors.  Latent heat is an amazing thing.

  4. In reality, you are REMOVING thermal energy (heat) from the water. Nice project, though. 😉 Keep good stuff coming 😀

  5. Hi. I am new to you youtube account. I like your projects. For the Thermal Energy Storage Project: Icebox; I would say you would rather call it "Thermal Energy Unstall System!!" or somthing like that.

  6. Yep, it has been a long time.
    I'm more of an electricity and compressed air kind of guy, but there are definite possibilities with ice…

    Besides the thermal benefits, a system like that can also provide an emergency lighting system through thermopiles, or Sterling engines. It wouldn't be very efficient, but you wouldn't be in the dark, and the cellphone, and laptop computer will be charged, as well as being able to run an emergency radio.
    Also, a sterling engine could also be used to re-freeze the ice if it's externally powered. Thermopiles would have the same effect, but probably would require more juice.

  7. Very good proof of concept!
    As a college said before, heating/cooling with 0°C / 0°C – ice, there is so much energy in this phase shift, like you would need to boil water from room temp. to 100°C …into evaporation phase… This concept was a big topic but somehow, since there was not much money to be made with it, because of high efficiency, the industry put it aside…like old Edison Batteries NiFe… worked to good, and toooooo long….

    The most interesting topic would be, if you could use this type of storage system instead of chemical Batteries and store the energy from PV / Wind / Water … whatever… and get back electrical energy when needed…

    How could we accomplish this…without to many losses in the conversion process..?

    Would replace any Lithium/Lead/…battery.. in every home energy storage system…

    Best regards!

  8. Hello friend.

    Long time no speak. Hope ya well,
    Great video'
    What did you wind your copper piping on to get it nice and round lol. Something very big I expect😉
    It all looks great mate and you always make it look so easy and neat!
    Looks amazing, and thank you for sharing your work.

    👍👍👍👍👍THUMBS UP👍👍👍👍👍

    Anthony / high1voltage1rules


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