Top 10 Hybrid Cars Video Review – Autobytel’s Best Hybrids in America

Top 10 Hybrid Cars Video Review - Autobytel's Best Hybrids in America Hybrids have been around for 15 years now and back when they first debuted these vehicles were seen as the unicorns of the auto industry. Now, Hybrid Cars com in all sizes and shapes with many automakers offering their own take on these fuel misers. The question no longer is “if you should buy a hybrid” rather “which hybrid car is right for you.” Check out our list of the Top 10 Hybrid Cars in America.

10) Ford Fusion Hybrid
The Ford Fusion Hybrid gets a complete make-over for the 2013 model year. It is sure to turn heads as it passes up gas stations. The most engaging attribute is the hybrid display which helps the driver be more efficient.

9) Honda Insight
The Honda Insight hybrid is the least expensive hybrid you can purchase in America. Honda was the first to market hybrid technology back in 1997 with the first generation Insight. This new model allows younger more budget minded buyers the opportunity to enter the hybrid car world.

8) Chevrolet Volt
The Volt can be the most fuel efficient car on this Top 10 Hybrids list if you drive less than 40 miles per day. This hybrid car can run on pure electric power for short distances but after that an electric generator kicks in to recharge the batteries. If you are looking to make a Green Statement then no other car says it louder or prouder than the Chevy Volt.

7) Lincoln MKZ Hybrid
The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is a solid vehicle that delivers fuel saving technology in a luxury package. The MKZ uses the same power plant and operating electronics as the Ford Fusion.

6) Lexus CT 200h
The most polarizing hybrid car on the market today is the Lexus CT 200h. The 5-door hatchback styling is unique and its sportiness is engaging. The Lexus hybrid, spurred by the 42 MPG combined, seems to have hit the mark with car shoppers everywhere.

5) Toyota Camry Hybrid
The king of mid-sized family sedans is the Toyota Camry so it should come as no surprise that the hybrid version is one of the best selling cars in this segment. Toyota continues to perfect their hybrid systems which is why the Camry gets over 40 MPG combined driving.

4) Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
The Hyundai Sonata Hybrid is a premium, fuel efficient sedan that does not have the premium price tag most other hybrids have. This gem competes nicely with more expensive cars and beats them hands down which is why the Sonata hybrid is one of the best cars on the market.

3) Volkswagen Jetta TDI
As a brand, Volkswagen has long been committed to clean diesel technology. The Jetta is a good example of how effective this can be in a compact sedan. Rated at 42 MPG highway, the Jetta TDI makes a strong statement and provides enthusiasts with the anti-hybrid.

2) Buick LaCrosse eAssist
Buick’s eAssist is a mild hybrid technology that uses electric power to supplement the internal combustion system resulting in an affordable premium sedan that exceeds 35 MPG on the highway. Buick uses high quality materials to create an interior cabin that is quite luxurious.

1) Toyota Prius V
In the past year the Toyota Prius family has expanded to add the Prius c, plug-in Prius, and the Prius V. The Prius V is the best hybrid for multiple reasons. This stylish hybrid car features an updated dash, 60% more cargo capacity compared to the regular Prius, and great fuel economy ratings at 42 MPG combined. Starting at just under k, the Toyota Prius V provides the best combination of cargo capacity and fuel economy of any vehicle you can buy in America today.

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