Top 5: 2016 Best Hybrid Cars

Top 5: 2016 Best Hybrid Cars

The best hybrids give you the best of both worlds: some zero-emission motoring, as well as greater range for longer journeys

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20 thoughts on “Top 5: 2016 Best Hybrid Cars”


  2. The battery in the Toyota Puris lasts only 9 years and you have to really mind them and not turn on to many devices in the car. Fucking joke. No the manufacturer or the sales person wont tell you that. Shove them up yr pie hole. I will stick with my 25 year old petrol car.

  3. What a load of bollacks. Hybrid cars yeah. Do you know the cost to replace the battery? 2000 euro or 2000 pounds. You would buy a brand new engine in a small petrol car. Technology my foot.

  4. Are the MPG numbers correct? The outlander is 156 miles per gallon?? It has a 12gallon tank, so you're saying this car can roughly go 1872 miles?

  5. Which one would be best to take the engine out of and build a body around it though? I'm talking rear engine hybrid

  6. Lets be honest nobody cares about the environment when buying a electric car
    the main reason is its low taxes and low Empg

  7. If your advising us about these cars why does my friend who has an Outlander only get 37mpg! Tell the public the truth about the MPG….we have lived with the so called Gov lies on MPG for too long!

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  9. No Peugeot 3008 hybrid ?,the world's first diesel electric,seems strange that isn't in the top 5 or even number one.

  10. awesome video. the interior design of the Toyota Prius plus is a bit strange though. the normal Prius looks like a hybrid spaceship in my opinion.

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