Top 5 Essential Organic Food Facts

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could say “hey, let’s grow our food in a way that didn’t involve spraying chemicals everywhere,” and everyone would be on board with and it would just work? Yeah, well welcome to reality. AND welcome WatchMojo’s Top 5 Facts. Today we’re looking into the complicated world of agriculture and counting down the most interesting and essential facts about organic foods.

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Whole Foods Is Cheaper Than Walmart | Organic Food Challenge

Walmart is rushing into the Organic Food business with over 70 organic items on the shelves at its 3,800 US stores. We shopped the nearest Walmart Neighborhood Market & then purchased equivalents at Whole Foods. The price comparisons & quality are SHOCKING!

Let us know if the food we made with these organic items is the kind of stuff you’d like to eat?! Burger Balls & Sweet Potato Chili Mac!

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38 thoughts on “Top 5 Essential Organic Food Facts”

  1. Organic food is BULL SHIT, I used to go to an organic college and their food was so bad I once went for 5 days living off only tap water. Their food made me sick, gave me 6 colds in less than 2 years, stomach cramps, head aches, dihorea (how ever the hell you spell it) and a whole other rift of bad health that all disappeared after I left that HORRIBLE dump! LONG LIVE MONSANTO!!!“

  2. All of our food should be "organic" there is no need for all this crap. We have more than enough agricultural land in the western world to feed the world 6 times over but that wouldn't be profitable for the big corporations. In the U.K. there is more fields than cities and we could have everybody eating including ALL the homeless. You drive through Cornwall, all you see for miles is fields that have been either bought off or the farmer has been paid not to grow and sell crops. It's madness. We don't need GMOs, you are what you eat, right? You eat genetically modified foods, you become genetically modified! Or will you say that, that saying isn't literal to defend a bias opinion? That's called cognitive dissonance. I DONT WANT SHITTY CHEMICAL FOOD!!!!

  3. So a pro-organic organisation found that organic farming is cheaper, produced about the same crop yields, has more of a demand and sells for more. Well at least they got the last fact right.

  4. Dear watchmojo if you know how I hate when u discuss serious issues like this and then mix it up with pop culture crap! that makes me P.O!!!

  5. You did not include the most important fact about Organic Foods. Organic farmers produce far less yield than conventional farms. The higher the part of organic food as part of the world food production the higher the global food price.

    That doesn't matter much for afluent nations because spending on nutrition makes up only a small share of how their citizens spend their income. In third world countries rising food prices are desastrous because the average citizen there already spends a large fraction of his income on food.

  6. Oh dear what a load of misinformed bull. Antioxidant study was very shaky and not replicated. Lack of chemicals on Organic produce that is a joke, see the EPA records on pesticide testing of Organic produce. Organic chemicals less hazardous please spare me the nonsense. Organic is no healthier, it is not more sustainable by any scientific measure and it certainly costs a lot more to produce it. Just ask the real Organic farmers. I would be happy to post the real science here but links are not allowed.

  7. #4 They're trying to tell you that vegetables and fruits laden with poisons, that's what pesticides are, are just as good for you as those that don't have these poisons? They think we're pretty stupid. Also they say this stuff is extremely complicated, they are trying to convince you not to look into it.

  8. Number 3 is a COMPLETE red herring… ALL brown rice contains arsenic regardless of whether it is grown organically or conventionally! It has nothing at all to do with organic farming… The FDA even states: "Because arsenic is naturally found in the soil and water, it is absorbed by plants regardless of whether they are grown under conventional or organic farming practices. The FDA is unaware of any data that shows a difference in the amount of arsenic found in organic rice versus non-organic rice." (Ref: Please do a better job of research before you start spreading seriously poor misinformation.

  9. Organic crops take up more land and water then GMO crops. This is why organic farming is bad for the environment. more land and trees have to be destroyed and more water consumed to produce the amount of food that a smaller GMO crop can.
    ALSO for a crop to be certified as 'organic' under the American FDA regulations… it has to be fertilized with cow dung… and we all know that cattle are a large contribution to green house gasses.

    As things stand now, organic farming can only feed up to 4-5 billion people, the planet is now at 7 billion. Without new breeds of plants that can withstand harsh conditions and produce more food on less resources… how can we survive? We have to either come up with new ways to feed people, or we all must stop having babies.

    This is why I always call environmentalists who have children oxymorons.

  10. If I told you I can sell you an apple that is 5 times bigger and half the cost and has been proven that it will not harm you in any way, would you buy it? Well then you are a supporter of GMO's.

  11. Organic foods can still use pesticides; they're just limited to specific ones. Also, a myriad of plants produce natural pesticides, like cyanide (apples and cherries), nicotine (eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes), capsaicin (chilis), and caffeine (coffee, tea, cocoa).

  12. I would much rather spend my money at Whole Foods vs Walmart any day! Lol glad to see they are comparable!

  13. This is a fair point, but….you don't need to buy organic to eat healthy. If you don't sweat buying organic, Wal-Mart is cheaper by a long shot.

  14. Organic vegetables are fertilised with fish, blood and bone meal and/or maure. Is this not a problem if you are a Vegan?.

  15. Just subscribed! This was the first video I ever watched of you guys, and it was my favorite then, and my favorite now!! So funny, and informative! Excellent points!!

  16. justt went to whole foods for the first time today and spent $54! The same amount I'd spend at Wal Mart :0 better quality food though!

  17. im glad yall did this cuz i started abt shopping at walmary cuz whole foods is expensive sometimes its worth the money if u have it

  18. I always wondered. Thank you for this! I'm happy I go to whole foods because the shopping experience there is so much more enjoyable.

  19. what sucks is that if everyone ate organic there wouldn't be enough food to go around unless you had your own gardens

  20. I am from Germany so organic food is a lot cheaper than the US and Canada. I went to whole foods in Toronto and could not believe the prices. $7 for a jar on non-organic peanut butter, $6 for saltine crackers, and I got a salad for $11! In one go we spent $70 on just four or five products. In Germany we have a store called Alnatura, and the organic food is so much cheaper. I can spend 100€ on kilos and kilos of fruits and veggies, lots of rice, teas, and pastas.

  21. strange
    I only like organic plant milk
    cuz it mainly just the whole plant n not nasty chemicals added into it

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