Toyota Prius 2018 hybrid in-depth review | Mat Watson Reviews

This is the Toyota Prius. The model name has become a byword for eco-friendly cars – but is there more to it than just strong fuel economy figures? I find out in this full, in-depth review.

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20 thoughts on “Toyota Prius 2018 hybrid in-depth review | Mat Watson Reviews”

  1. I swear ever Toyota now is purposely made now to look as ugly as possible the only one that looks good is the Subaru BRZ and I say that because it legit a rebadged Subaru, so good job Toyota you just continue making boring ugly cars. Also don’t even start about that cheap, rubbishy and utter bullshit interior, the shitest screens in 2018, dated looks and cheap plastic everywhere I mean it’s just asking for everyone to hate it and it’s not just the Prius every single Toyota is like this I still have no idea why people buy these awful pieces of machinery. I live in Australia and Toyota’s are everywhere it’s disgusting literally. If you buy one you may as well have a massive sign saying I can’t drive and have no idea about cars printed on it, every person who has ever crashed into my car has been in a Toyota and a lot of people have crashed into my car.

  2. I have to assume the Toyota leadership (along with Honda needs to be said) has collectively suffered from a brain aneurysm to approve the design of their cars in the last two years.
    In all my years, I have never seen such atrocious, such vulgar, such aesthetically offensive design approach adopted by a major automotive manufacturer, ever.


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