TRANSPARENT Solar Panels?!

Infinitesimally small quantum dots can turn a window into a see-through solar panel!

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Solar window: a window that functions like an ordinary window but also generates power like a solar panel

Nanoparticle (also called nanopowder or nanocluster or nanocrystal): a microscopic particle with at least one dimension less than 100 nm. These tiny objects often have characteristics that differ from larger versions of the same material.

Quantum dots (QD): tiny nanoparticles of some kind of semiconducting material, only several nanometers in size, so small that their optical and electronic properties differ from those of larger particles. The QDs embedded in solar windows can absorb radiation largely in short wavelengths and re-emit in longer wavelengths; useful for capturing solar energy and successfully transferring it to the solar cells on the edges of the pane.

Total internal reflection: a phenomenon in which a wave hits a medium boundary at such an angle that it doesn’t pass through to the other side

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now we know how much load we will have on a typical day being drawn from our solar batteries its time to determine how large of a battery bank we need. the loads are measured in watts while the batteries are measured in amp hours. once you determine if you will go with a 12v or 24v or even a 48v battery bank system its time to figure out how many amps you will need.
match the watts use in a day with the watts in your solar panels however you must consider storms, seasons, bad solar days so having more solar is good.

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40 thoughts on “TRANSPARENT Solar Panels?!”

  1. Why don't we place solar panel over the concrete wall and not on the window .🤔 Walls actualy stops the sunlight letting in to the room .

  2. Cаmрing with the fаmilу, thiѕ lаntеrn wоuld соmе in hаndу. Wе’vе аlѕо еxреriеnсеd 3 dау роwеr оutаgеѕ duе tо ѕummеr ѕtоrm [ Check Details here ], thiѕ wоuld be idеаl, charge in thе dау and use аt night, оr роѕѕiblу аѕ a night light. Sоund аwеѕоmе!

  3. You say that it's a few years away. I say that it will never become a wide spread thing. Sure, solar panels on the roof or windows are a nice idea. But they are inefficient. It's much more efficient to build and maintain solar farms. It's for this reason that I believe that not only will we never be seeing this applies large scale but we will also be seeing the trend of solar panels on roofs dying down. That is, until we find a way to make solar panels so efficient that the energy lost from transporting it outweighs the benefits of a solar farm (assuming we're not at that point yet, I haven't looked into energy loss from transport).

  4. Sounds like making half of the windows dark solar panels, while the other half are transparent glass, would be cheaper, more efficient and just as good for the occupants.

  5. nice video.. to long but when i watched with patience and at the end i enjoined it alto. and got alto of information.. thanks for the video.. from my side 100 likes.. God bless you dear.

  6. Hi is that possible to connect a inverter to solar panels, should it work?
    Not connect to a battery, just connect to solar panels and use it on day.

  7. It is necessary to have at least one extra panel so your batteries can catch up after those dull days. If you have 20% extra like jeff (1/5th) it takes you 5 days to catch up for every one dull day. With Jeffs numbers I would be happier with 2 extra panels (but he doesnt like odd numbers)

  8. Modern fridges use only 350Kw per year. Maybe you should by a new one because your dayly use will drop to about 4000 watts.

  9. Hello I'm bob from Vegas and I'm looking for off grid property. Everything I find reminds me of Vegas flat and coliche soil. I've looked at az around bolder dam area north just past the little air port going toward last chance gas station. My daughter lives in Phoenix . I'm looking for an area that there's no snow weather like Vegas ,Tucson Phoenix but with trees for shade. Any ideas in az I don't want to be in a major city but at lease 30 min from any hospital area. That's important or easy access to get to one. So we're can I look Utah ,New Mexico az. In Nevada I can head toward prumph but that's not really trees it's open flat also.

  10. The environmentalists instead of backing this solar movement should be concerned with the environmental impact when people start trashing all of this. To think you can get more energy directly from the sun than it costs to capture, store and supply it is akin to trying to create a perpetual motion machine.

  11. Being conservative, living in an all electric home with every energy saving device available for all my needs (ie: cfl & led bulbs, inverter heat pump, etc) I'm using around 1000 kw/hrs every 30 days (one billing period from my electric company). That is 33,340 watts per day. How are you able to only use 5300 watts per day? That is a couple of lights a refrigerator, a/c, computer with no hot water heater, stove/oven etc. If I were to attempt a whole house solar system I'd need something like 20 – 240 watt panels (at) 24 volts.and only God knows how many batteries. It just seems likely you are not going to be able to exist for too long with only 6 panels (I don't know the wattage of your's). And therefore I'm rather skeptical. I've done industrial electric design for years so I'm well aware of the values for the various measurements for electricity. Is there something I'm missing?

  12. hello,i have big question, i want to buy two panell 260w x2 ,one panel have 24v,both panell offer 18A and ""both panel have 120 cell"".i want to buy controller PWM 24v with 20A i read the datasheet but not undesteand why company: victron-energy write in datasheet for conttroler is recommanded to have For 12V use 36 cell solar panels,For 24V use 72 cell solar panels???
    this is marketing?or is fake not undeasteand? i tell again i want to buy two pannel and both have 120 cell…

  13. Not a problem, I was just in a bad mood and needed something to bitch at!! Once I get my property, I'm definitely going to do a solar setup like you have. Thanks…

  14. Better off buying a few batteries a year rather than all at once. When they go past their use by date the cost is not all at once.

  15. I am no expert either, but I think you are right- efficiency is directly connected to losses. Additionally I think that every battery small or big comes with casing, so having more smaller batteries becomes inefficient due to extra casing per each needed, where one giant battery is efficient, but very difficult to repair/replace.

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