Trump picks Rick Perry to head the Department of Energy

President-elect Donald Trump has picked Texas Governor Rick Perry to head the Department of Energy. In 2011, Perry famously forgot that it was a department he wanted to eliminate during a presidential debate.


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6 thoughts on “Trump picks Rick Perry to head the Department of Energy”

  1. Don't let the liberal media fool you on this issue!… Rick Perry is a proponent of nuclear power and carbon capture technology, both of which would create thousands of jobs for the working class and would lead to a rapid decrease in CO2 emissions.

  2. The old adage remains true: Truth is stranger than fiction!

    Amazing pick, amazing "drain-the-swamp" Frump administration shaping up so far with the military, Goldman Sachs, and oil dominant. What's next?

  3. do u guys have to keep on hating on someone that had a embarrassing moment? don't u remember when Obama was talking all the shit about Clinton.and then flip-floped calling her the most qualified person ever to rum wtf double standards i would say hatters back off lol


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