Trump’s EPA: Radiation Not That Bad, Actually

Mr. Burns might as well be running the EPA now. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Join TYT:

“Donald Trump’s appointment of former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as chief of the Environmental Protection Agency this year drew eyebrows, because Pruitt had made his career as a longstanding legal opponent of the EPA and a prominent climate change skeptic. Since he’s been put in charge of the agency, Pruitt has allegedly made plans to water down federal scientific research on the climate, deflected from the issue during natural disasters, and cut loose hundreds of employees in a deregulation push.

Now some are worried he’s trying to lower the bar for, uh, deadly radiation. In new guidelines for local officials published in September, the EPA advised that radiation exposure during disasters ten or more times higher than guidelines under Barack Obama’s administration is safe, Bloomberg reported.”*

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40 thoughts on “Trump’s EPA: Radiation Not That Bad, Actually”

  1. Dear Tyt, at this point any views you get from me are me trolling your audience for being stupid enough to believe you or me showing your vids to others to show an example of fake news. Thanks for your continued support 🙂

  2. This just in, librals lie about anything without doing any research at all and blame conservatives. Lmfao yo young turks, fake news much? 😂😂 your audience actually believes the lies you tell. Oh BTW radiation is safe at some levels, everything has radiation including your lights. Every scientist agrees 🙂 lmfao

  3. Took a safety course for proper handling of radioactive materials. Cenk Uygur can be debunked by me personally on this one

  4. Hey Cenk Uygur, do you have ANY idea what you are talking about? Because I'd stick to shouting at The Seed Man and avoid doing stuff that requires an education.

  5. You need to watch the Thunderf00t (someone who actually understands radiation) video to see how wrong this is.

  6. The document being reported on literally does not say anything even close to what TYT are reporting. Please read it for yourself.

  7. Wow. How can this video still be up? I thought a newschannel big as TYT atleast would resarch before making a video?

  8. You should have spent $ 20 million from Clinton to educate yourself, or at least on the fact checker.
    What have you spent em on? Coke and hookers? I hope for you neither was exposed to radiation, you fat lying armenian genocide denier.

  9. This is fake news, the numbers are pulled out of their ass. Stop doing this, no need to lie to portray Trump in a bad light…

  10. If you're this concerned about radiation, I guess you never fly on planes.
    The stupidity and lack of research in this 'news' story is cancer itself.

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