Turning e-waste into art at Ghana’s toxic dump

Ghana is said to have the largest informal recycling industry in Africa and imports some 40,000 tonnes of e-waste annually. Joseph Awuah-Darko and his university friends have been turning waste from the sprawling Agbogbloshie dumping ground in Ghana’s capital, Accra, into high-end furniture made by the people working on the dump.
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China's Horrendous Electronic Trash Dump

Electronic Trash Village (2007): Every year, 35 million tonnes of electronic waste is exported to China to be scrapped. There the rubbish is broken down by hand, poisoning workers and polluting the environment.

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“Smoke from the computers is too strong to breathe”, complains one disposal worker. “I feel dizzy and can’t see any more”. Many employees at the electronic disposal plant suffer from respiratory illness or skin diseases. They work for ten hours a day, with no protection from the hazardous chemicals.

MBC Korea – Ref. 3682

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20 thoughts on “Turning e-waste into art at Ghana’s toxic dump”

  1. And now US is accusing China banning trash import. I have nothing to say about US values and its government, just a joke of all human beings, Hahaah.

  2. This is a terrible reality . All of this waste ends up in humans, animals, water and air. Like it or not this will spread to all 4 corners of the planet. It is all our problem, not just Asia, Africa or Pakistan's. We must be more proactive and responsible with our beautiful planet.

  3. can you smell the cancer in the air? mmmm breathe those carcinogens in deep. I bet they dont even think the fumes are toxic. just plain stupid

  4. Such an intelligent and industrious people! This electronic dump looks much better and more organized than that one in Africa.

  5. Yeah it's the "West's" fault that they are too stupid to protect themselves from harmful chemicals and heavy metal poisoning.

  6. sorry but this makes me laugh… we get all these electronics from China… then when we are done with them we send them back to China, and they can't handle it… does this make any sense

  7. the west always use media distortion , if you don't work , they call you lazy and stupid, if you work too hard , they call you slave labour , if you success in something they call you corruption ,if you better then them , they call you copy cat , so what ever you do they always bring up all the negative about you , this is we call it media distortion ,which do create wars all over the world , America always use the same tactic around the world as {FIRST DIVIDE AND THEN CONQUER TACTIC } the Chinese know about this , that's why the Chinese block most of the web side  network  in most Asia , if you try to block all the fake media , they will call you no freedom of speech kkkk  good try America kkk , if you think you so good , America will not have so much debt which you can't even pay it back kkkk

  8. there are WAY MORE ways to extract & disassemble all of that….more healthy & environmental ways….ITS CALLED RESEARCH….I do reverse engineering myself on a small scale you sure in the heck don't have to do it like they're doing it

  9. looks good to me, I scrap old tvs and such everyday and love doing it. Safety? gloves and eye glasses is all you need. E-waste is a fun hobby and it pays fair.

  10. Guangzhou doesn't look anywhere close to this now, the city has been transformed since then with supertall skyscrapers and has one of the best standard of living in China, I assume they built a bunch of waste treatment and facilities for waste since then, 2007 is old as fuck for China, doesn't look the same anybody, Guangzhou now looks like a futuristic modern city.

  11. Have some sympathy! They are human beings regardless the nationalities. I simply cannot understand some of the comments.

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