4 thoughts on “Turning up plant efficiency”

  1. I read the review article, but I don't get it. If the plants have (and use) this mechanism (nonphotochemical quenching) spontaneously why we need to edit their genes to make them recover quickly? It's like trying to make humans get enough sleep with only 2 hours while they actually need 8 hours. For the plants it's the same thing, and if we try to change this may be it will lead to harmful effects. Plants understand themselves better than us.

  2. Why the hurry? We already produce more than enough food. The plants have this system for a reason, tweeking with it without knowing the full consequences and then give it at the responsibility of a private company which only cares about profits is why us the consumers always get screwed.

  3. I woke up this morning with some notifications of new videos from the channels I like and follow, this was the only one I gave a thumps up 👍

    keep up the excellent work


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