Underwater noise – the overlooked catastrophe

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Whales stranding, shoals of fish collapsing, sea turtles fleeing: extreme noise is harming marine life. Noise caused by military sonar tests, the search for oil and gas, and giant ship propellers. Help us by joining the worldwide campaign SILENT OCEANS.

8 thoughts on “Underwater noise – the overlooked catastrophe”

  1. I wish more people would take a few minutes out of there day and watch this and really see what we are doing to these animals they have nothing wrong to us please let listen if we would work together

  2. Sorry how do cetaceans get DCS if they don't even have nitrogen in their organism? BTW I love the animations but it's acctually not the high frequency's that affects the cetaceans it's the low frequency pings from active sonar and the resonance created from high frequency pings that also affect cetaceans. All cetaceans have a frequency threshold above a certain frequency much like humans cetaceans cannot hear the ping from the sonar so no matter how loud the frequency emitted by the sonar is, It will no disturb the cetacean unless it is in the hearing range.

  3. Are there any studies proving the stress caused by noise pollution, and what that causes are?

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