Waste Management – Fat Bo$$ Rollin’ Up

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The City of Fort Worth uses two different contractors to collect garbage and recycling throughout the city. One being Waste Management and the other being KWS (Knight Waste Services) in which each company has their assigned routes. Here is a compilation of all of the different trucks that WM uses, not being the entire fleet but the variety they have. The first three trucks were filmed the day after Christmas with the Autocar WX DuraPack Python being filmed that Saturday, the Freightliner Condor McNeilus M/A and the DuraPack Python the following Monday, and The Mack LEU Autoreach yesterday.

I must say the Fort Worth division seems to be very chill. Every driver was cool about the filming which made for a great time getting footage of all these trucks.

40 thoughts on “Waste Management – Fat Bo$$ Rollin’ Up”

  1. Hi Trap Nation – cool tunes! Q:…can I use this track in my YouTube videos without getting into trouble? (freeware / shareware?)

  2. Roses are red, violets are blue, the last time something dropped this hard it ended world war 2! Thx Diablous!

  3. Alva Ventura Kevin Mestanza Ventura Stephany Mestanza Ventura Jacqueline Leticia Benitez Amilcar Benitez

  4. Agreed, with thelyokofannnumnber1. That Pete 320 Hybrid was pretty darn cool! I like the color scheme on that truck. Really enjoyed the Autoreach as well. Also, loved that Xpeditor Python. Reminds me of the one WM of NM has. That is a wonderful combo IMO. The Condor / M/A is a classic WM combo IMO. So that was awesome. Glad all the WM drivers where chill with filming as well!

  5. The Freightliner Condor Mcneilus M/A definitely doesn't run on CNG fuel because of that gigantic ugly smog mark near the packer💩

  6. Wow nice video man glad you went to North Worth Texas like how all the toters were broken lol . like the truck also its just a little dirty but not to dirty lol . Great video man liking and faving 🙂

  7. Awesome video!! So happy you finally hit Fort Worth!! The Mack LE Python sounded amazing. Driver of that truck seemed really cool. Nice of him to honk the horn (love the sound of Mack horns) and get out for the extra trash. Hybrid was awesome. So glad you found that truck! The grippers on that truck were real cool. Truck sounded great and he lid flipped too! Condor M/A was great to see. There was a video of one that I saw many years ago but it has since been removed unfortunately. Glad you got footage of one! Looks like the back up alarm was acting up on that truck lol Always liked the Autocar WX paired with a Python. Awesome double dump too! Even lid flipped those carts too. Awesome lol Seemed like a lot of the carts' lids were blown open or already open when he got there, must have had some pretty strong winds lol That Python, man the lid flipping was great to see. Second Condor M/A sounded great. Great catch on the Freightliner Python! Didn't even know they had that! Wonder if it's an ex-Cali truck – we had similar units in Central CA. LEU was fantastic. Must be a newer unit, didn't know they had that truck either. That's awesome how all the drivers were cool. Fort Worth division is easily my favorite facility in Texas. Fantastic compilation, great job on all the catches!!

  8. Last I knew Fort Worth did there own trash and recycling in some parts, do they still do that? Miss the sound of a diesel Mack around here.

  9. Wow you sure found a lot of trucks! Cool that you found a lot of Durapack Pythons. My favorite was the Hybrid a Diesel one, it had a great paint scheme on the body. Do you know why the reverse alarm kept going off on the M/A? The Autoreach was a lot of fun to watch too. Glad all the drivers were chill with filming. Overall, excellent video!!


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