Water Conservation by Sesame Street

Water Conservation by Sesame Street

Saveoursuwannee.org, Save Our Suwannee, Inc, A not-for-profit organizaiton whose primary mission is to restore and protect the springs, rivers, lakes streams, ponds and wildlife of the Suwannee Basin.

Californian water district is filling its reservoirs with black plastic shade balls to reduce evaporation and conserve water. Report by Asana Greenstreet.

19 thoughts on “Water Conservation by Sesame Street”

  1. they should have been silver or white but couldn't afford them so they went with black, the worst colour, they absorb the heat passing it to the water underneath, they then provide shade for organisms and bacteria to flourish. This is what happens when a not terrible idea has to be implemented by bureaucrats…fail every time…lol

  2. Somewhere theres a contractor that would have built another resevoir for that 30 million. How about planting tall trees around it to cut down on wind blowing across the water and carrying it away.

  3. Black balls will heat the water. The surface tension of water will allow the water to climb or cling to the balls giving more surface are for water to be evaporated. The cost is staggering . with the 30million dollars they could have built a second resevoir!!!!!!

  4. 36 million dollars to pollute a lake with plastic.
    it may have been cheaper to build a desalinating plant to purify the sea water .that would last for longer than ten years.
    (96 million balls at 36 cents each comes to 34,560,000 but I rounded it up to incorporate executive fees and expenses.)

  5. So are Keurig Plastic K-Cups still supposed to be bad? I thought leaving Plastic Water Bottles in your Car with water in them was a Bad Idea?

  6. the plastic heated thru sun beams will release toxins which go into our drinking water

  7. shouldn't they be white? since black absorbs the heat which will cause more evaporation

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