Water Conservation Model at India’s First Smart Village ‘Dhanora’, Rajasthan

India’s First smart village Dhanora is the new model of village development under the Greenfield activity of smart village 2.5 km canal is constructed which is 4 m wide and 3-3.5 m deep .It linked with percolation tanks .It is the unique concept of water conservation. During rainy season 400 MLD water recharge takes place.For the success of this project Eco Needs Foundation,Coca Cola Foundation Local administration and villagers taken the effort. The Engineering design of the project made by Prof Priyanand Agale & Dr Sataypal Singh Meena (IRS)conveyance the villagers about the benefit of this water conservation.

This documentary was filmed and created in Spring 2014 for Penn State’s Earth and Mineral Science College (specifically for the class EARTH 111U “Water in the West”).

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  1. The objective of “Sustainable Development” can be achieved through sensible exploitation of natural resources. Water is the most precious natural resources. Scarcity of water is resulting into conflicts in the society; Latur of Maharashtra is the burning example. In its efforts to develop India’s First Smart Village on the concept of Retrofitting, Redevelopment, Green fields, e-Pan, Livelihood; Eco-needs Foundation has created water conservation structures at Dhanora. Overall ground water recharge through these structures including Nalla water conservation, percolation tank, farm pond, treated waste water recharge is 97.49 Million liters per year. let's join hands to save water, let's make people aware about the importance of water, let's join hands for our future. Let's come together for our coming generations.


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