What is Organic Food – The Many Benefits of Organic Food

What is Organic Food – The Many Benefits of Organic Food — http://www.noahhammond.com Today is about health and why you absolutely, without a doubt, must start buying and eating organic food only.

This is something that I just woke up to, I would say about a year ago. I know a lot of people are still in the dark about this so I felt that it was really something that I had to get out there. This is REALLY important and it is going to save you potentially a lot of strife down the road and a lot of health problems.

The Benefits of Organic Food — More than Health!

The first obvious benefit is simply nutrition.

The way that industrial farming is done, they plant the same crop on the same soil over and over and over and over again. They stuff it full of fertilizers and they do not allow the natural cycle of composting, decomposing, and crop cycling to occur.

The way farming is supposed to be done is you farm a crop and then you allow the soil to replenish by composting and rejuvenating it with lots and lots of nutrients. To do that, you must allow organic material to decompose there.

Then, you plant another crop and you cycle the crops so that you can keep doing this. In industrial farming, they do the exact opposite which is planting the same crops in the soil continuously.

If you can compare this to anything, it would be trying to get all of your nutrition from vitamins only. It simply does not work. Your body can’t take only vitamins and get what it needs. In fact, vitamins are BAD for you.

The same thing happens when they try to stuff the soil with fertilizers to make these plants have the nutrition they need. The end result is that the food they grow, while it LOOKS the same, its nutritional value is NOWHERE near the same.

The most extreme example of this is a study they did at Rutgers University where tomatoes that were grown organically had about 2,000 parts per billion of iron to one, compared to only 1 part per billion in the non-organic tomatoes.

Obviously, if you were eating tomatoes thinking you were getting your iron (essential for our health and balance), you were wrong. The inorganic tomatoes do not even have any because they are not even in the soil.

So, number one is nutrition. What is that going to affect? It is going to affect disease. Diseases come only from two things – either TOXICITY or DEFICIENCY.

If you don’t get your vitamins and minerals, you become deficient. If you are deficient for long enough, your body can’t maintain balance and you are going to get diseases.

So, not eating organic food is going to cause you to have more disease. This is just proven. This is just factual. The tests are out there. The data is out there. So you want to get organic food for that alone.

Now, another thing you want to understand is that the pesticides they use on these inorganic plants.

They are very difficult to get off the food and a lot of times people do not prepare and scrub as diligently as they need to. You end up consuming these chemicals. At this point, it’s even showing up in people’s urine. It’s showing up all over the place.

People are really just getting inundated with these HARMFUL chemicals.

That’s going to cause toxicity. Again, you can only get sick or get disease as a result of toxicity or deficiency.

Therefore, from the lack of nutrients, you’ll have deficiency and from the chemicals, you’ll get toxicity. So, inorganic food is a double whammy right there.

Lastly and really most CRITICALLY, is that inorganic food can be genetically modified which other countries around the world have banned. In the United States though, we are inundated with it. A HUGE quantity of our food supplies are genetically modified, especially from corporations like Monsanto.

These genetically modified foods are proven to cause CANCER and other issues. They are abundant in our food supply.

So, if you are not buying organic and natural foods, you are likely getting something that was farmed in a way that it has almost has no nutrition, that is covered in pesticides and other harmful chemicals, and then it is genetically modified in a way that does not deliver to your body what it needs and actually causes cancer. All three of those combined could be a really, really powerful case for trying to buy only organic foods.

Now I only eat organic foods and I have actually developed the ability to tell when I am eating something that is not organic. My body can sense the difference in nutrition. It is actually blatantly OBVIOUS to me at this point. I know this to be true from experience, not just from reading…

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20 thoughts on “What is Organic Food – The Many Benefits of Organic Food”

  1. You know organic is planted the same year after year you should stop saying stuff you don't know what you are talking about

  2. You hooked me with "compost" & Monsanto. Compost is good Monsanto has been posioning the envioment since the 1950's..

  3. I go with organic when the price isn't to high, but when the price of organic is sometimes triple the price I'll need more convincing.. Going broke is also hazardous to ones health.

  4. Congratulations Cletus, you've provided absolutely ZERO peer reviewed references to back up even a single one of your worthless, bullshit claims. You barely skim over & then past citing one "study" yet refuse to provide any links to the source you spuriously claim to reference and if you claim that you can "tell the difference" by taste or that your body can tell the difference between organic & non-organic?Well I call fucking bullshit on that because there is no one alive who can & I challenge you or anyone else to participate in an independently conducted experiment that no proselytiser for the "organic" industry has been anywhere near organising to prove that you can. Until then you're naught but a goddamn liar.

    You've provided not a single shred of evidence nor any reference to any peer reviewed research to back up any of the horseshit claims that you state to be truth & you also allege that somehow non-organic food now causes cancer? Hows abouts some proof of that as well, Einstein or is that just another shovel full of shit to be heaped upon the mountainous, steaming dungpile of spurious claims you've made thus far? What in the fuck's wrong with you? All you've done for the entire video is stand in front of a camera & spout unsubstantiated, utter bullshit without even a SINGLE jot of peer reviewed fact to back up anything that you have to say.

    Based upon what you've said in this work of pure fiction you might as well be just another frothing-at-the-mouth loon on a street corner proselytising for some fringe-dwelling religion because you have about as much evidence to back up your claims as some nutsack screaming from a bible at people on a street corner does & you somehow have even less credibility that entitles you to lecture people on what they should & should not be putting into their bodies. No one can prove that organic is more nutritious & for starters that's mainly because of the plethora of variables that affect the growing of anything that makes comparing unorganic vs organic nutritional values to be a hell of a lot more difficult to quantify than you claim it to be.

    In light of all of this saying that all organic is more nutritious is like saying that all Asians know Kung Fu. It's an unsubstantiated fucking lie & anyone with a brain in their head knows it to be true. Until the day that anyone can prove any of your statements to be true with even a shred of undisputable, peer reviewed fact I'd suggest that you shut close your YouTube account & shut the fuck up because the only thing you've accomplished here with this video full of pure gibberish is to advertise to the world at large (at least those of us who're capable of critical thinking) that you somehow know even less than absolutely nothing. Congratulations on accomplishing that at least.

  5. organic food is definitely better, but sorry to tell you americans that over there, at least in the supermarkets, organic food simply does not exist

  6. I love the comments! In the words of Stephen Sondheim, "Ignorance is bliss–but think of what you miss." Say what you will, but what Noah is saying is true. It may not be for you and that's fine. But some things are true whether you believe them or not, and that's just life.

  7. WoW ….. Scientific illiteracy …. This is a pi!e of lies… Unbelievable, that you make such absurd statements…. You should educate yourself before making this propaganda laden fear mongering nonsense….. I couldn't find a single truth in ANYTHING you stated…. Nothing !

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