What Is Organic Food?

A lot of people think that organic food must be more healthy for you, but don’t really understand what organic good really is or what it means for food to be labeled “organic.” We explain what organic food is and why it may not be the healthiest food for you just because it’s labeled as organic.

QUESTION: What food do you think is worth buying as organic what what foods aren’t?

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20 thoughts on “What Is Organic Food?”

  1. I hate how people relate ALL modified food as bad… I mean yes most modified and not natural food is bad. But that doesn't mean that all of it is bad.

  2. This video explains everything organic food DOESN'T have, but what about the things it does contain?

  3. Its basically unprocessed food that will probably go bad faster. Buy as you eat so you dont waste food if you are into the organic type

  4. or you raise your own animals cattle etc if you could and bam as healthy as it gets without going back about 600+ years

  5. I eat hole food and i make sure they are organic. Organic fruits taste better than none organic.

  6. we should call organic food just normal food and have non organic food have a name cause if I say I eat organic. people will go oh well I just eat normal food.. like dafu do you even try to look what's in your food like do you even care. kids are now growing up on gmo foods and will have kids and gmo effects the reproductive system and its a more chance of the child have a disorder or disease or have 2 heads. I see people try to eat healthy and they buy non organic lettuce or spinich and might as well go drink your own garden sprays.

  7. 1. The majority of what was stated about organic foods isn't true. Organic foods do use the same pesticides and when they do use "natural" alternative they're worse than their standard counterpart, they are bleached, and are filled with preservatives on a regular basis (same rule for both, packaged = preservatives, non-packaged = no preservatives). Organic =X= Natural, nothing is more or less natural than anything else.

    2. Your (or anyone's) ability to pronounce the name of an ingredient has absolutely nothing to do with nutrition, and is counterproductive.

  8. Umm this is actually bullshit. Pesticides ARE used in organic food as well. Oftentimes these are worse than those used in non-organic foods. And treating food with radiation is a bad thing? Seriously? Show me one scientists that says it is a bad thing. Clearly he will have more understanding what radiation is than some soccer mom who is a housewife.

    Organic is a big industry that has sprung up in the past two decades and is making billions today. Its a sham

  9. I particularly don't like how organic proponents seem to have taken over the entire gardening community on the internet, such that I can't find any rational explanation of what the alternative is to an "organic" garden and why these lowly "non-organic" practices would be inferior.

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