What is Organic

Want to know what organic really means? Learn the difference between conventional and organic farming plus what certifier’s logos to look out for regardless of whether you are buying food, clothing or cosmetic products.
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20 thoughts on “What is Organic”

  1. Very cute voice, love it. But total rubbish. "Organic", in modern-day marketing terminology, simply means that certain pesticides can be used and others not. One result is that "organic" farms use, in general, more land per unit produce than "conventional" farms – which defeats somewhat the purpose of "organic" farming (more natural forest must be destroyed to produce the same quantity of crops).

  2. I like the video but I don't know which country that I live in has a organic sticker and those stuff I'm just so glad you told me !

  3. Oil is not organic? Lol, it's free range dinosaur juice and even the dinosaurs were organic…… So I suggest you drink crude oil…. Its organic.

  4. so if more cost (pesticides add cost) are accrued when farming conventionally, then why is organic produce 100% higher in prices?

  5. Good video, well presented with actual facts which compliment the idea that we should all embrace organic (natural) food to preserve human, animal health and the environment.

  6. I hope you understand that not every crop goes through the same pesticide/herbicide treatment that she said the carrots go through….

  7. Wow. I'm shocked by all the nasty comments. I wonder if these people are paid trolls for Monsanto? Me thinks so. Great video. Keep up the great work!

  8. Amazing work! Simple and effective! Anyone who discredits organic and sustainable farming must not realise the magnitude of chemicals used and the truth of how the interact with the human body. 

  9. Organic = Better Taste, Better Health.

    Not to Mention Micro RNA we Digest in our Food.
    Which is not broken down When we eat it, Its actually stored into our cells & the Function of Micro-RNA is Gene Regulation.

    Giving a literal meaning to "You are what you eat"

    Changing a gene within a DNA structure leads to unpredictable results,
    And Genetic Engineers have no control over where a Gene will splice into DNA.. 

    Ultimately we have no Idea whatsoever What Genetically Modified Micro-RNA will do to the Biology of people who consume GMO foods.

    All I know is Throughout History (Before Genetic Modification) Foods were perfectly fine the way they were. There is More than enough food on this planet to feed everyone, The problem is Access to it, Not Quantity of it. 

    So there is No excuse to Genetically Modify food into Vast Quantity's of Garbage.


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