What is this Enormous Hexagon in the Australian Desert?

What on Earth?
You may know of Area 51… but can you identify this top secret spot in Australia?
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18 thoughts on “What is this Enormous Hexagon in the Australian Desert?”

  1. My Australian friend told me that this place is where all giant spiders, venomous snakes and kangaroos come from. Now that the secret is out they will have to move to another place.

  2. Hexagon for the diabolists represents Saturno… where you can do ritual baby sacrifice and engage in all unspeakable acts of blood drinking satan worshiping cults.. seems more to do with witchcraft then anything the video states.

  3. Everyone in the comments is freaking out about this place "this should be classified" or "you are making it easier for terrorists" guys this isn't new it's been around for years

  4. are ELF one of the causes for beachings? i know at least a few beachings are because of govt wave programs like this.


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