What will Trump’s oil strategy mean for oil prices? | IG

What will Trump’s oil strategy mean for oil prices? | IG

Malcolm Graham-Wood, HydroCarbon Capital, says Donald Trump’s oil strategy has the potential to put prices under pressure as he opens up drilling opportunities in the US and looks to help settle some of the strains in the Middle East.

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4 thoughts on “What will Trump’s oil strategy mean for oil prices? | IG”

  1. great interview! seeing how Saudi Arabia cant pay its bills on $55 a barrel oil and are having now to sell shares and take on debt to pay its bills now, I wonder how long they can last with even less oil production. Will they just live off of more debt.?

  2. Gas has already started going up the day after he won and has went up since then.Look for gas to go up as high as when bush was in office.All you idiots that voted for him i hope you lose everything you have

  3. The biggest issue is storage and refining, we need to stop the summer blend and eliminate ethanol. Meanwhile Donald Trump should transition Federal fleet vehicles to natural gas which would keep fuel costs down, burn cleaner and coal will grow as the economy grows.


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