When to Buy Organic: A Produce Cheat Sheet | Consumer Reports

When is it critical to buy organic and when is it OK to go for conventional? Consumer Reports’ new guide reveals which fruits and vegetables carry the biggest pesticide risk. Here, a quick buying guide for 10 popular items. For additional reviews, tips, and recommendations check us out at http://www.ConsumerReports.org and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/1Nlb1Ez

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As promised, here’s my video on how I eat healthy organic food on a strict budget! My budget for this video was 80 dollars, but if you follow this method, you should be able to figure out a way to get everything you need for the week, no matter what your budget is.

There are also handy tips in the video on what types of organic foods to look for! Hope you enjoy!

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29 thoughts on “When to Buy Organic: A Produce Cheat Sheet | Consumer Reports”

  1. I have a question. Do non-organic red bell peppers gown in greenhouses have lowers amounts of contaminants that those grown in the field?

  2. Buying Organic products from a GMO produce is just as deadly as non-organic pesticide-rich produce. Consumer Report should include that as well.

  3. The guide in the current physical magazine is nice and I would like to carry it around with me, but there is no exact electronic analog on your web site.  I will have to scan it and then save it to my smartphone, but it would have been nice to have the same page with all the information in one place online as well.

  4. The question I have is how do you know the “organic” products you’re buying are genuine and not just labeled as such so they can be sold for more money to all the Oprah-watching suckers out there who think labeling something as organic automatically makes it better?
    Here in Canada at least, there are no regulations governing exactly what “organic” means.  It doesn’t necessarily mean “no pesticides” or “grown by poor farmers who really need the money”.  It CAN mean those things, but it’s not required to. It’s just a product label.  For example, the PLU labels at my local grocery store all have 4 digits, even on their so-called organic food.  In another video, you say a 4-digit PLU means it was grown conventionally.
    And organic food itself is a stupid misnomer.  All “organic” means is that something contains carbon.  You think “non-organic” peaches don’t contain carbon?  If they do, then technically, they’re still organic.

  5. All fruits and vegetables have lost between 34 and 50% of its nutrients from becoming GMO (even organic uses the GMO seeds) and the fact the farmers are using nitrates to fertilize their fields at they are paid per bustle.

  6. Whole Foods is roberry, go to Jons and buy exports from Armenia, Russia, Bulgaria ext. No preservatives, glass jars or bottles… everything tasty and natural you can find in export food section. Cheap!!!

  7. 2 dinner meals:
    A pack of organic ground beef I's $5.79? at Aldi. I used half in a organic marinara sauce with organic pasta for spaghetti.
    The other half I scrambled with cooked organic potatoes, carrots, and green onions. Slice of organic bread for side with butter.

  8. Totally didn't realize that was you right away until you said Felipe, then I was like waaaaait Is this the girl I follow on Facebook for the hair tutorials? lol ^___^ this video looks good, thanks for all the tips.

  9. ElOssitoBorachito5 minutes ago (edited)In whole Foods black people and Mexicans are treated terribly. The cops who work there act horribly to black people. They like Tom Thumbs and Kroger's seem to think every  one who is not white is s shoplifter, never mind that most shoplifters are white people. They are crippled by Classism. Whole Food acts as act  if they only want white rich people and I don't even know if they accept stamps. If they do they would act like Kroger's and Tom Thumbs and poverty shame you for using stamps. Yeah, poor people like eating healthy foods and you don't need some young slut blaring your food stamp card balance.  They hire a bunch o young scum bags to work in those place, and they don't get why their stores are going broke. So I say stick it Whole Foods and the other racist stores. May they all go broke. I believe in Walmart or Trader Joe's where they understand that you can be an educated person of any color and still be poor due to health issues. Walmart and Trader Joe's act welcoming. (Racists and white apologists: spare me your snide comments. White people and black people will never agree as to how racist this country really is. You and Trump should all go to hell together.)

  10. You two are spectacular and I thank you from the horizon of my soul for this guide. I am in the process of beginning my journey to organic living: first by way of purchase, then by way of cultivation. My family has been farming for generations and I've been growing and freezing crops for years, just never the 'organic' way. I am learning more every day that passes thanks to people like my grandparents, and people like you.

  11. I have recently started eating organically. Meat/fish/cheese/poultry are the highest ticket items. Organic produce can be found at reasonable prices. Carrots, celery, cabbage, apples, oranges, bananas and potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. all can be found at a reasonable price. Bread is also a bit pricey. So if you choose conventional meats/poultry, no cheese, and conventional bread, you have saved a lot. But that is compromising the organic effort. Growth hormones and antibiotics in meats/eggs are not good. So, while I enjoyed your video, it is a compromised way of eating, and not all-organic. I have found that it helps to eat organic meats like the Orientals do, as part of an overall dish, and in smaller quantities. This helps keep the price down, and avoids having to buy meats that are not good for us. Also, I noticed you didn't buy any milk, butter or other items. But I think eating partly organic is better than nothing at all.

  12. Thanks so much for this! I'm definitely going to be trying this out. Has your method changed since Oya came along? And if so, would you do an updated video of this? Again thank you. 😊

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