White House Planning DEEP Cuts To EPA

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“The White House has proposed deep cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget that would reduce the agency’s staff by one-fifth in the first year and eliminate dozens of programs, according to details of a plan reviewed by The Washington Post.

While administration officials had already indicated that they intended to increase defense spending at the expense of other discretionary funding, the plan spells out exactly how this new approach will affect long- standing federal programs that have a direct impact on Americans’ everyday lives.

“The administration’s 2018 budget blueprint will prioritize rebuilding the military and making critical investments in the nation’s security,” the document says. “It will also identify the savings and efficiencies needed to keep the nation on a responsible fiscal path.”

The funding level proposed, which the document says “highlights the trade-offs and choices inherent in pursuing these goals,” could have a significant impact on the agency. Its annual budget would drop from .2 billion a year to .1 billion. And because much of that funding already goes to states and localities in the form of grants, such cuts could have an even more significant effect on the EPA’s core functions.

Though President Trump professes to care strongly about clean air and clean water, almost no other federal department or agency is as much in the crosshairs at the moment. As a candidate, he vowed to get rid of the EPA “in almost every form,” leaving only “little tidbits” intact. The man he chose to lead the agency, former Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt, sued it more than a dozen times in recent years, challenging its legal authority to regulate such things as mercury pollution, smog and carbon emissions from power plants.”*

Read more here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2017/03/01/white-house-proposes-cutting-epa-staff-by-one-fifth-eliminating-key-programs/?utm_term=.5eda55ca0e5c

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27 thoughts on “White House Planning DEEP Cuts To EPA”

  1. Do you want to be number one?! Do you want to have something every other first world nation desires?! Do you want to be the envy of the world creating million jobs in your country?! Call me and I'll get you started on how you can redirect your money, making our great nation run 100% on clean, renewable energy! Make American win again!!!

  2. The attempts of trump to impeachment-proof his presidency will end up killing a lot of people prematurely.

  3. Natural gas isn't really that less damaging as methane is a worse greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide and the amount of methane lost when mining it, likely offsets how much more efficient it is than coal

  4. I attended the first E-Day in Wash. DC. My b'day is same day and same as John Muir's. Gutting the EPA is probably the worst of many harmful things that The Divider plans to do. Well, perhaps nuclear was is worse. bye bye.

  5. I know how to get rid of coal! Someone tell Trump and Jeff Sessions that coal turns everyone and every object BLACK and I'm sure we can find a way for Donald J. Trump to call for a total and complete shutdown of coal until our leaders can figure it out!

  6. Riiiight, because the EPA is singlehandedly preventing the destruction of the environment. It's not like they're an ineffective bureaucracy that causes more pollution than they prevent.

  7. why are you complaining? there are cuts for the rich and there are cuts for EPA, in some books that's called even. <–sarcastic com 😛

  8. Republicans don't live next to industrial waste sties. Except in fracking states, because they get so much money from oil companies to put wells on their farm to pump toxic waste into their aquifer.

  9. And this is from Trump, the self-admitted germophobe (a person who has an abnormal fear of germs). Dry amusement.

  10. The EPA is like unions…..they have outlived their usefulness…….They have solved the problem for which they were organized and now just want more and more….For no reason.  They think we owe them…….I don't owe no one shite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Just so everyone knows, Republican President Richard Nixon created the EPA because corporations destroyed our environment….we have drifted so far away from our conservative roots. We have become pro-corporation environment destroyers since Nixon. Pruitt is in the pocket of corporations….100%

  12. Great speech!! Now maybe no more getting fined $10,000 per day for collecting rain water on your property. "The future ain't what  it used to be…"  Love it!!!!


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