Winter Composting! A Gardener’s Best Friend!

Winter Composting! A Gardener’s Best Friend!

This is not a breakthrough, but for some reason hardly anybody does it! It will be your best friend i promise.

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I made a composting toilet for my shop for next to nothing from pallets and a bucket. I tried to make it look as close to a traditional toilet as possible and make it user friendly also because my wife and kids will be using it to. As of right now I have not seen one made just like this one on You Tube so maybe this will give someone an ideal when they build their composting toilet.
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38 thoughts on “Winter Composting! A Gardener’s Best Friend!”

  1. What are your thoughts of moving your compost into the garden during late fall through the winter? This way you don’t have to haul it from one area to the next.

  2. What about deer and other critters? We live off a one acre very woody area and this is our main problem. I’m considering starting a compost pile in a big garbage barrel but I can cover it with a black lid and hopefully it’ll still benefit from being in the sun in the winter

  3. You mentioned potato peels being a myth and I an curious what you have to say about onions? I find so many places that say not to use onion because it deters worms. Do you agree with that?

  4. I have 2 compost piles going right now. keep it going year round and still never have enough.

    hey thanks for the awesome deal on seeds. shipping was fast too!

  5. Thanks…very good vid. I have a question……I have a spot where I want to start a compost. Is it ok if the compost is up against a chain link fence?

  6. I leave my compost uncovered and piled all my leaves on top of it (4×4 area fenced w chicken wire). I dig inside of the leaves and everything keeps cooking during the winter. When my bin in the house is full, I dig the leaves off and dump the scraps. It usually works pretty good.

  7. Great info, thanks so much. I just started trying my first hot compost pile a couple days ago in a black trash can. So far it isn’t heating up at all and I’m not sure why. So you have any advice you could give me to help get it going?

  8. Luke,. What's your thought on covering the garden with a tarp or plastic during the winter? Seen guys like Curtis stone do it.

  9. I've always composted in the winter. As for something composting. If it's organic, I throw it in the compost. In places where attracting scavengers is an issue, there are some things to be avoided.

  10. LOL thanks for the laughs(about how easy it is to winter compost)
     :)There are no arctic ants in Antartica

  11. Hello, nice video. Thank you.
    And yes, two minutes every time it snows is worth it…I'll just have hubby do it. Lol.
    Quick question, please. Should we quit throwing scraps in the covered pile during the winter and start another pile for all our winter scraps??
    I'm going to watch your compost video now. I'm still very confused with the proper mix in compost piles. Our first veggie garden will be next Spring, we are just preparing everything now. We have horrible nondraining clay and water table is very high as our land is in a valley here in SW PA.

  12. I wish I would have seen this earlier… I just sent you a message the other day about this… thank you for your videos

  13. I do my winter composting in heavy duty black outdoor trash cans. Any idea if it has the same effect as the black garden cover?

  14. That turned out nice! I'll be looking at building a urine diverter system on mine but I like what you did with the slats and the "water tank" in the back. Slick idea!

  15. Wow! Your potty is adorable! I'm going to copy you and send pics, building a tiny house & the fancy composting potties are way overpriced for my budget. Thank you for the awesome and cute spin on poop. I plan to add a urine diverter as this will be in my home.

  16. Wow this is a beautiful composting toilet! Would you be willing to give (or sell) plans for it? Also just wondering, is it easy to get the bucket out to empty?

  17. I have looked at some in the past and they always talk about having the urine go somewhere else to keep the smell down. I always worry that a big pile of uhhmm with sawdust would start to smell like a pit toilet. but let me know what your experience is subbed so I can keep up to date on it

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