20 thoughts on “Worlds Deadliest Animal Planet on Earth”

  1. He could have just walked away from the elephant but nooooooooooo you gotta try to make it move now look at yuh arm all shattered and stuff smh

  2. Long post on moral battles through the ages:

    It isn't conceivable as a mere casual breach of trusting in science (more like the science of propaganda) to combine THE goddess of the age with Aleister Crowley (anymore than some people would understand the idea of giving God's powers to a Hitler or a Gengis Khan) who – Aleister (you can't overestimate changeable abilities and possibilites of people flying off the earth towards a black hole; their vengeance is always casually portrayed to us as how we were a cusp age of allowing not damning the sin in anyone by anyone) – claims to be the most evil man who ever lived – in the 1800's. His contribution to a human race's replacement – that noone seems to know about! as simple "human race" sense – they sure took care of that possibility as evil in the way of the most bitter resentment, and reaction time as competition with daring to say we don't need to be reengineered as cold morally needy "pilgrims" of a simpler, drier kind with zero spirit as a leeway to for instance what would sit by and allow this overcorrection, so inadequately politely. We also just came under the failed status of owing a black hole*, and not just their wanting to not pay for us as returning shame in having to burn in hell, for ever… not even – it's a real concept – and endless number of zeros/digits in measured time.

    The earth now follows a bent orbit in the discomfort that cannot be resisted by an America where the remnant of connection here now shares the resentment – what was referred to yesterday that I had known and noticed on Twitter, "man wonders what's going on with time and the sun in Canada". They kill any they find, you know, Canadians, as a plane with the potential still to feel its way back if it ever decides to save itself from becoming evil's. I lived in terror before I disappeared while locked up as they hunted for "who" had a shirt with Canada on it. They killed Khadaffi at that time. One of the popular songs they kept playing on the radio was "I've got to move like Jagger" whether that means anything or not. Lower planes' activities are not balances of the mind.

    People waited so long that even with my help once my intelligence is known the age might at best be lost to intrigue, with constant victims on any scale no longer subjects of defenses we so soon and so recently took for granted, as that promised "safety" – and resentment. They were assuaging every Jagger's ego as inspiring tribal pride as superior. Romans were better organized. America is not a consitutional monarchy, and no matter how soon you honor someone doesn't matter. At least they trusted me for that time.

    I don't see them as able to transition back to freedom, just mass threats as symbolic, although the trust as a bright humanity didn't amount to reality with what they did (didn't do), but for what it's worth, they're beneath/before as settled a war age, and are just barely super slowly learning the way they ever learned anything that there's an evil in the works. It's a horrible cost, destroying every comfort back to worse than totalitarian worse than empathic – yelling a comrade's head into place, and their conservative alliance made a horrible deal, with no value in the human sense, even though I offered a civilian paradise. Instead they destroyed that completely: they really are eons' uglier and way more jealous. We wouldn't pay for a small fiefdom, except maybe Disneyland, for the kids. But even ages and ages before women's status in the 1600's, it won't dissuade their place, just please respect it as sustained to just one age before, as Christian, not that they sweated effeminate men.

    If you want cool recognizable features, where level 3 and 2 are, they need to not just wipe clean the higher levels, even above babylon 4; 5 & 6; and our higher ones as only the ignored uncoolness of only wanting that smart acting as irrelevant up to when the first sub age of aquarius was the infinite sensitivity as though in the air, in the plants, understanding like a kindergarten teacher or a college professor every living thing and it's experience as its wonder. Immediately, the remnant's rejected sensitivity became an infinite stupidity sensitive to its disorganized suspicions of wants as inevitably fair under total kindness and its poor reflection, like the poorest, dumbest people without guidance, only looking up to super privileged people who despise them as free the way they had just sacrificed an age for. Their radical battles were just lost as quixotic under the control of hell and only got an early clue about reform and what anything means from the opposition, as it usually is based without meaning when the powerful exercise the gutting or as just now an unfathomably abusive option, even if it is a carrot on a stick in terms of that lesser privileged order's contempt without a legal or reasoning system extending lower.

    Sometimes I think I'm too smart, that I'm only I guess talking to intelligent people, when all I want is a Sesame Street culture, and that's all I ever wanted if you see what I'm economizing to my understanding, but they know that, and exactly reversed that to the most horrible situations of unfathomable – you don't know what high blues – as a level, not just a morality, need to be under an older conservative power responsible at the 5/6 divide where war is always as they say necessary there, eternally over them as bad.

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