World’s first ‘solar-panel highway’ in China recharges electric cars

The world’s first solar-panel highway is set to open in China. The two-kilometer highway can turn sunlight into electricity and directly transfer it to the power grid. It can also remotely charge electric cars as they are being driven.

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20 thoughts on “World’s first ‘solar-panel highway’ in China recharges electric cars”

  1. Uh, Mr. Thuderfoot absolutely BTFO'd "solar freakin roadways" years ago. It's all bullshit. Doubly so, since it's Chinese-made crap.

  2. Terrible, terrible idea. You'd be far, far better just building a solar panel covered roof over every road – no snow, far smaller construction costs, much safer to drive on.. Still stupid of course, just not as stupid.

    Or better yet, just keep going down the solar power/wind power/nuclear route, and eventually move to electric cars when the technology catches up. And if it doesn't, don't force people who realistically can't run an electric car to have one.

  3. Had to be shut down after 5 days because of significant wear and tear. Also, people stole some panels. And NO, it does NOT charge electric cars.

  4. I am happy to see that China is becoming a world leader in technology and willing to experiment with newer technologies for China's future. Xi Jinping is doing a great job! He's the best leader that China has ever had. He's the only one brave enough to take down millions of corrupt officials to stop billions of dollars flowing into offshore bank accounts and real estate.

  5. Oil has beed proven to not be a fossil fuel. It forms beneath the crust and pushed by magma to the surface.

  6. "Hey guys you know how cars are electrically insulated which prevents lightning from killing everyone inside?" "Lets just completely reverse than and make the cars super conductive and actually charge off the road."

  7. Having Solar Panels that can rotate towards the sun (for longer optimal solar absorption) in the median (area between opposing lanes) would likely be more efficient and wouldn't require shutting down sections of the road for repairs. Fixed flat to the ground, it doesn't work as well when the sunlight comes in at an angle. I think Thunderf00t touched on this topic before. Still, I hope the project works well.


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