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PETERHEAD, SCOTLAND — Scotland’s notoriously strong winds could pan out to be a blessing in disguise after the Scottish government recently approved plans for a floating wind farm right off of the Scottish coast.

According to the Guardian, Statoil, a Norwegian energy company, plans to build a floating wind farm 15 miles off the coast of Peterhead, Scotland by the end of 2017.
The floating wind farm, called the Hywind floating wind farm, will consist of five, 258-meter-high floating wind turbines. Each will have a floating steel tube filled with ballast as their base and they will be tethered to the seafloor by three moorings.

Each of the five wind turbines will have a six-megawatt capacity, and together they will be able to power an estimated 20,000 homes.

Because they’re not actually attached to the seabed, these types of wind turbines are cheaper than traditional ocean turbines and can be placed in deeper waters. Existing offshore wind turbines, which need to stand on concrete or steel foundations, are expensive if anchored to depths greater than 40 meters, reported the Guardian.

Statoil’s goal with this 2 million pilot project is to demonstrate a way to harness wind power that can increase the global market potential for turbines.

Offshore wind is a key component of Europe’s plan to source 20 percent of its total energy consumption from renewables, reported the Independent.


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20 thoughts on “World’s largest floating offshore wind farm to be built off the coast of Scotland – TomoNews”

  1. Part of the ongoing process of annoying Donald Trump. Good work!
    Oh, and incidentally, to enable Scotland to become self-sufficient in energy production. Pissing off Trump's just an added bonus. 🙂
    Naysayers may like to note that at the beginning of this year these turbines managed to generate enough power to producee a national six day reserve of energy.

  2. "Energy from offshore wind in the UK will be cheaper than electricity from new nuclear power for the first time. The cost of subsidies for new offshore wind farms has halved since the last 2015 auction for clean energy projects. Two firms said they were willing to build offshore wind farms for a guaranteed price of £57.50 per megawatt hour for 2022-23. This compares with the new Hinkley Point C nuclear plant securing subsidies of £92.50 per megawatt hour….."

  3. To all the people complaining about birds, the turbines are 15 miles off shore. Flying sea birds are rarely found more than 3 miles away from the shoreline, and migratory birds fly higher than these turbines are tall. But I guess choking out the birds with coal smoke and spilling oil into their waters is better for them?

  4. 5 x 6 MW = 30 MW for $230m is twice the price per MW than UAEs new nuclear plant, which will have at least twice the capacitg factor. So it is 4x the cost of nuclear?

  5. For those of you who point out that wind turbines kill birds, I want to point out that every kind of method to produce energy will have some environmental impact. If you can come up with a way I want to hear about it.

  6. there is no way that what you see in the video can work in the real world. a wind turbine will be subject to violent wind, and without a very strong anchoring, the entire structure will be compromised in more than one way; it will sway, violently, bob in every direction, and the moorings will come loose, as they should, since they are not anchored to the seabed. the stress on the electrical cable will cause additional difficulties, including non-operational status most of the time.

  7. If they are floating, what keeps them pointed into the wind. The Turbines a drag air, thats how they spin. If there were no foundation to anything solid they would turn away from the wind. Like holding a dart backwards in front of a fan.


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