13 thoughts on “WWF Rainforest: Deforestation Effects”

  1. Hello Chris Myers. Great video, would it be alright if I use this video on my website to explain the effects of deforestation? Thank you!

  2. the Governments have it all backed up. they will kill you if you defend the rainforest. they lie about plants. plants and trees can feel pain and think. every tree they burn feels the same excruciating agony that a human would feel. and they know this. but they lie to keep their power over the earth. they can kill and torture every tree and plant and animal they want. and you will be arrested for decades for destroying a bulldozer. their property is not more important than billions of sentient beings… but they lie to make it so. roots are plants brains. they have a central nervous system but the governments lie about this. the only reason human have rights is so they can kill any other non human being and get away with it. if they slaughter and burn 1,000,000 trees. nothing happens. but if you kill one human to save the trees or even damage his machinery, you will die. it is no secret that the deforesters deserve to die. they are like Nazis and the true horror is kept from us. these corporate monsters will go to hell when they die. and that they deserve. but it is illegal to harm even a murderer. this is why they defend us. we are financial investments. if we do not give them our money and bow down to them like a god, we will be treated like we aren't eve humans. just look what they did to the natives the governments of this world are evil and corrupt. and with their power. they will destroy the earth. due to their façade of false justice. the rainforests will be destroyed… there is no way to stop it now.

  3. Sorry to bother you, very interesting presentation, but did you say 20 000 sq miles or 20 000 acres lost ? thanks for your answer.

  4. +Chris R Myers Hope you wouldn't mind my using this for a science presentation on deforestation, obviously giving you full credit. Thank you loads

  5. I live in Southern Brazil, and have been concerned about the lack of action in the Amazon for 30+ years. I have started a petition to get the Brazilian Army to protect the Amazon from the illegal loggers.   Ideally, as the whales have Sea Shepard actively protecting them, we need Tree Shepard, but since such an organisation doesn't exist, I would push to get the Army up there.  Please can you sign my petition?  Nothing gets done if we don't pressure the government here in Brazil.


  6. Hi, your video is not available to view, can you send me? i am doing my assignment and hope to get some information on deforestation. Thanks!

  7. Do you mind if I use this as a visual aid for my deforestation speech? I will give link to give credit!

  8. Thanks, glad you liked it! I wouldn't mind at all. I got my info from different sites, unfortunately I did not archive those sites. If I come across one of the sites that I got info from I can pass it along to you. And yes I did the narration for this.

  9. This video was very useful! Would you mind if I cite this in a paper I am writing?
    Are you the narrator?

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