Water Heater Won’t Light? Igniter & Flame Sensor #9005958005

Water Heater Won't Light? Igniter & Flame Sensor #9005958005

This video provides step-by-step instructions for replacing the igniter and flame sensor on AO Smith gas water heaters. The most common reason for replacing the igniter and flame sensor is when the water heater does not light or does not heat.

Additional water heater repair, troubleshooting tips, help finding your model number, and part replacement videos: http://www.repairclinic.com/RepairHelp/Water-Heater-Repair-Help?TLSID=1879

All of the information in this igniter and flame sensor replacement video is applicable to the following brands: AO Smith

Tools used: 3/8” socket, adjustable wrench, needle-nose pliers, Phillips head screwdriver, adhesive

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7 thoughts on “Water Heater Won’t Light? Igniter & Flame Sensor #9005958005”

  1. I have a problem with my AO Smith Gas water heater, Pilot light is on… and stays lit.. the problem is flames dont start when needed… for instance when I go touch the temperature dial… I can hear the flame come on… but after flame goes out… it does not ignite again and therefore I have cold water… and I need to touch the temperature controls dial again.. and flames will come back on and once water is hot… flames goes out and cant come back on unless I touch the temperature dial again. do you think its the thermacoupler ? or the temperature control dial ? can I replace that ? or do I need a new water heater ?

  2. Good work. I would add one last thing,,, soap test the gas fittings you disturbed with everything on to make sure you don't leave any gas leaks.

  3. Thanks guys.i have the same tank. I got lucky.i just cleaned the flame sensor and it stayed on

  4. I have a gas water heater and had it installed over 7 years ago .. Now it is not switching on when you open the tap… But switches on when you open two taps simultaneously.. Can it be a problem with water pressure? Or?

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