2018 Hyundai Ioniq Electric Review – HybridCars.com Review

This video accompanies a full written review.

Launched last year, and carried forth this year, the Hyundai Ioniq Electric is a niche vehicle within a niche category looking to strike home with discerning EV buyers.

As part of the world’s first trio of purpose-built electrified vehicles, the Ioniq Electric is stabled with a value-priced hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions that whose development was benchmarked against the Toyota Prius Liftback hybrid and Prime PHEV, and the EV version is thrown in for good measure.
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  1. In 2016 america alone used 144 billion gallons of gas throughout the year! Or about 392 million gallons of gasiline a year. The average vehicle in America gets 22.6 miles to the gallon. These facts worry me…

  2. You should review the Hyundai ioniq plug in hybrid. I want to see how it competes with the volt

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