Climate Change Explained

A straightforward explanation of Climate Change: the heat from human emissions is roughly equal to exploding 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs every day. Historically, every time carbon dioxide levels increase in Earth’s atmosphere, the average surface temperature increases, ice melts, and the seas rise.

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20 thoughts on “Climate Change Explained”

  1. Why doesn’t anyone do anything? Everyone is always so worried yet nothing is done to stop the horrible chaos going on!

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  3. Pure propaganda. CO2 only comprises 0.04% of the atmosphere and has a specific gravity that is heavier than oxygen and nitrogen so its impossible for it to rise in the atmosphere. End of discussion.

  4. think that making a video about conserving and lowering carbon footprint also probably made more carbon dioxide go into the air. Burning fossil fuels to make electrical energy to edit and research this.

  5. It can be safely assumed that homosexuality is the primary cause for the recent climate change issues, ever since the gay appeared on earth, there has been a spike in heat. This is because homosexuals emit more carbon dioxide into the environment and actually produce 42 different greenhouse gases by simply existing. During my trip to the 6th dimension, I discovered a man by the name of Niklas Vuranda. Vuranda was a gay man who showed me the ways of the gay. Vuranda was able to emit methane gas, sulfur hexafluoride, carbon tetrachloride and many more. This is an extreme danger to our planet, and even Vuranda told me to eliminate the gay from earth before it is too late.

  6. Climate change hoaxers! Humans are making the planet warmer? What are we causing next? Next thing you know they will be telling us were causing a zombie apocalypse.

  7. Thank you. “… there does exist at present a striking degree of agreement among experts in relevant fields about the cause and impact of climate change,..” “Sound scientific results, obtained through the employment of sound scientific methods, produce knowledge that can be acted upon …” ~ Universal House of Justice, Baha'i Faith

  8. Our planets climate has always changed, ever since it had a climate. There have been times far hotter and far colder than now. Mankind's impact on the climate is absolutely tiny and probably zero.

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