Composting for Kids

Directed & Animated by Adam Maurer

Highfields Center for Composting presents an animated teaching guide for starting a compost program in your school. In this brief video, students will learn about compost, the importance of closing the loop on their food system and how to separate food scraps effectively.

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20 thoughts on “Composting for Kids”

  1. I would just add veg, fruit, egg-shells, tea bags with egg boxes, grass, leaves and sawdust. Lot of things they mentioned such as meat, dairy etc will attract rats and will stink your garden out.

  2. We never put meat, bones, shellfish or many other food scraps in our compost. Only green and brown waste.

  3. Not ANYTHING you can eat can go into the compost bin. Some meat and fish cannot be composted, all dairy things shouldn't be, bread products, kitchen oils ex: butter, and acidic items. In fact, most of these things listed can be harmful to the compost or it can ruin it. Good video, but more research should have been done.

  4. You can compost all organic matter, including paper and wood, and now there exists a type of compostable plastic. You need to check that first, forย if it is conventional plastic, then it goes into the recycling bin.

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