Composting Part 1 – Garden Organic’s Video Guide: How to make compost

How to make compost
Garden Organic’s Video Guide Part 1 includes:
– Where to put your compost bin
– What can and can’t be composted
– Filling the bin
– Compost activators
– Getting the mixture right
– Hot and cool composting
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Creating good nutrient-rich compost for your plants to grow in will greatly improve their health, so it’s important to understand how to diagnose and rectify problems with homemade compost.

Does your compost sometimes have a slimy texture, bad smell or decompose slowly? Here are some simple tips to get your compost back on track.

In this video we explain how to identify possible problems with your compost and demonstrate how to rectify these problems with step-by-step instructions to help you achieve perfect compost every time.

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