Falling oil prices: Is history repeating itself? BBC News

The price of oil on global markets has collapsed almost 60% since June 2014, punching a big hole in the pockets of the big producers and creating thousands of job losses. The falling price of a barrel of oil has made headline news around the world as demand fails to match supply. But we’ve been here before – as veteran financial journalist Mickey Clark remembers.

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Nate's impact on oil prices

The Schork Report publisher Stephen Schork on the outlook for oil prices.
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22 thoughts on “Falling oil prices: Is history repeating itself? BBC News”

  1. hurry up people and find us a self sufficient car I can afford before the government forces everyone to pay more in gas tax like Obama announced he would do. such crap. prices would be even lower if they were not robbing us

  2. Good! The only good fossil fuel company is an out of business one. The only good fossil fuel worker is an unemployed one. It is long past time that we move to the many other better options, from sub-sea turbines to wind farms to solar. There is no excuse for us to be propping-up the exceptionally evil fossil fuel oligarchs who corrupt our political systems around the world and poison our environment.

  3. It would be awesome if OIL GLUT actually ends up killing the oil industry & moving the world to alternatives even faster!

  4. Hmm economic warfare mixed with policies, religion, and new technology. Whoever said that lifes boring eh?

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  6. omg the oil prices are dropping. that means at gas station i have to pay less oh jeez poor me.

  7. The world has to awaken to solar energy.  The SAUDIS who are a threat to the world with a message of hate must be stopped.

  8. Editing old news clips so they look and sound like a dramatic movie trailers is really annoying and unnecessary.

  9. They don't need to invest in oil for the future. They should invest in alternative energy. Good the margins of profitability of oil is falling, the bloody oil lobby will weaken, and the reasonable people will be able to peruse renewable technology.

  10. Funny old thing oil is. A finite resource that gets cheaper the rarer it gets. Must be some sort of manipulation going on.

  11. People should speak on their state. Our gas prices hasn’t gone up but 2 cents since Trump became President and it happen after Harvey. So all y’all Democrats speak for your states or just run to your safe space and stay there. 🇺🇸

  12. You Lying Fuckers, Gas prices has gone up since Trump took office… We the American People see it …

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