How to: Making a compost bin for your garden for only about $20!


One thing I forgot to add: make sure you remove any of those little plastic ID stickers on produce you toss in the bin as they are plastic and will NOT break down!

Will answer a few questions people have already asked me about this:

“Doesn’t it smell?”

Since there’s no meat or dairy in there – nope! When I open the bin all it smells like it the smell of a forest – decomposing leaves, earth, a nice clean, natural scent!

“Doesn’t it attract flies?”

House flies – no. Some fruit flies – yes. I tend to stand back after I open the bin and let the little swirl of bugs dissipate but its really not much of a bother.

“Does it attract raccoons, rats, mice?”

Make sure the garbage can you use has a lid that locks tight and none of these animals will be able to open it. I have never seen any raccoons or vermin come into my yard.

“Can you put grass clippings from the lawn in there?”

Of course! I don’t as they take up too much space. It’s also healthier for your lawn to just mulch the clipped grass as you mow.

“What about weeds, twigs, branches?”

Weeds – yes. Twigs and branches take quite awhile to break down so better to have those go with your trash or ask a neighbour if you can put them in their yard waste bin.

“Should you also use something like Miracle Grow to get your plants as healthy as the ones you have?”

I don’t use ANY products like that. My gardens are 100% organic. The only fertilizer I occasional is this one.

I also do not use any pesticides on any of my plants. I do use a slug bait for the pumpkin/squash patch but it is a pet-friendly, organic product.

Updated video of the bins from May 2017:
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How can trash fuel our world?

It is time to re-purpose organic waste to fight three critical and urgent battles — waste management, energy, and agriculture.

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