How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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Your carbon footprint is how many greenhouse gases you release in your daily activities. Be remembered by your good deeds, not your carbon emissions.

Step 1: Turn thermostat up/down
Turn your thermostat up in the summer or down in the winter by just two degrees, and you’ll prevent hundreds of pounds of carbon dioxide from being released each year.

Close doors to rooms that you are not using to maximize heating and air conditioning. Insulate windows and doors to save even more heating costs.

Step 2: Unplug electronics
Turn off and unplug your computer, TV, and other electronics when you’re not using them. Even electronics in sleep mode draw power.

Leaving your TV cable box on 24 hours a day uses about 65% as much energy as a standard refrigerator.

Step 3: Change bulbs
Change all the incandescent bulbs in your home to compact fluorescent bulbs, which use about 75% less energy.

Step 4: Do full loads of laundry/dishwashing
Do your laundry or run a dishwasher only when you have a full load. It saves water and it’s an excuse not to clean.

Step 5: Eat local
Eat local: An organic out-of-season vegetable from the other side of the world may sound delicious, but it had to make that trip on a huge container ship.

Take a canvas tote with you shopping, so you have a ready – and better – answer to the question ‘paper or plastic?’

Step 6: Bring own coffee cup/mug
Bring your own cup or mug when you buy coffee and stop tossing an average of 20 pounds of disposable cups a year.

Step 7: Cut back on bottled water
Cut back on bottled water. Most tap water is perfectly safe to drink, and making the plastic and transporting the bottles uses huge quantities of fossil fuels.

Step 8: Plant a tree
Plant a tree. Trees help reduce greenhouse gases, and every one counts. Consider it a peace offering to the Earth.

Step 9: Consolidate car trips
Don’t jump in your car every time you feel the urge to run an errand. Plan and consolidate your trips to cut down on gas.

Step 10: Carpool, public transportation, bike, or walk
When you can, carpool, use public transportation, or ride your bicycle. Or walk, proud to be treading lightly.

Did You Know?
Cattle produce as much as 37% of the atmosphere’s methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide.
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  1. If it has to make my life uncomfortable I refuse to make changes. I prefer to keep my life as it has always been.

  2. Avoid all comments, below. If you honestly live in 2017 and think that global warming is unreal. Make sure to research the topic.

  3. i wish i can plant a tree, or even a yard of them ,but unfortunately i am not capable to do so )=

  4. My friend said that he was going to the bathroom to leave his daily carbon footprint.. can he really say that or do I have to call his mom and complain?

  5. I dont worry about going green. I waste electricity. I leave all of my lights, computer, radio, and tv on all the time. I waste water. I leave the water running while brushing my teeth, shaving, and washing the dishes. I stay in the shower until all of the hot water is cold. I litter all the time. I never recycle. I use paper cups, plates, and plastic silverware

  6. Real food for thought here! Wish i'd thought of all this before i tipped all the old oil in my pond.


  8. (at)ukpropaganda no one ever said you can't cook your food and giving helpful advise to those who search for it does not make someone an "eco-fascist"

  9. Another bunch of green eco- fascists.
    The patronising presentation is irritating at best.
    If you want :
    *To walk or cycle everywhere
    *To Say goodbye to holidays abroad
    *To Freeze in winter
    *To eat cold food only
    * To live in an unlit house
    * To be a SLAVE to the New World Order
    Carry on buying the climate change lies…..

  10. (at)CactusBobsWorld well the hate is mosty generated from the Green stigma around this series…. ive watched them all and this is shit my family did on a daily basis sice i was born…. and guess what they did it kuz its economical not kuz its greem….

  11. Hi, this is a request to the channel owner. Could you please tell me if you have the whole documentary? I'm was the boy in the lead family(the one with the father buying the book) and have been looking for this clip for a long time!
    Please contact back if possible.

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