Hybrid Car Retrofit Kit | Singularity University

Part of the 2014 Graduate Studies Program at Singularity University, EMC (Exponential Motor Company) created an easy to install retrofit kit that gives hybrid capabilities to existing light, front wheel drive cars, at an affordable price, enabling savings of 30% or more on fuel and cutting emissions at least by a third.

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Hybrid Car Retrofit Kit | Singularity University

5 thoughts on “Hybrid Car Retrofit Kit | Singularity University”

  1. all wheel drive capacity? electric generation braking system? able to run off auxiliary generator instead of batteries? able to compartmentalize batteries and electronics under hood with specific model of cars?

  2. The inventor of PCM, Alec Reeves, asked why move bodies when you can move minds. This video has as a sound track his voice speaking on the BBC in 1965.
    The best form of transport is an electric car charged by the sun or wind, and restrict your movement to its range. This is feasible – we do it – but unfortunately expensive at the moment. When it becomes available for the same cost as gasoline, then maybe it will become a solution.

  3. Looks like something I''ve been thinking about. What if you added just a little bit of hybrid to a gas car, just enough to store the energy of a 60 to 0 breaking in a supercap, and play back that energy ove the next say 1/2 mile with a small efficient helper motor? The idea is to make it all a cheap retrofit and recover the energy from city driving.

  4. I want to share on my facebook but noticed your website link is not active. Please update. It is getting these small things right that will help your fabulous product become successful. Excellent job guys!

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