Reading Rainbow: How Trash Is Recycled with LeVar Burton

Did you know that 70% of our trash can be recycled? Join Reading Rainbow while we celebrate Earth Day in this video field trip all about the life cycle of recycling.

Hosted by LeVar Burton
Written and Directed by Mark Wolfe
Produced and Edited by Kyle Rohrbach
Director of Photography Bevan Bell
Second Camera Kyle Rohrbach
Production Assistant William Brock
Production Assistant Brianna Wolfe
Production Assistant Jason Brooks
Opening Title by Rob Buchanan

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In This Video:

5 billion tons of garbage are created by humans every year. That’s why it’s important to reduce, reuse and recycle – it’s a process we are all responsible for. In this video, LeVar takes you through the journey of a recycled good so that you can see exactly what happens to all of those recycled materials that you put into the bins, after the truck picks them up.

Take a look to see how things like glass, plastic, paper and metal are recycled as men and machine work side-by-side to sort, clean and transform our trash into something new.

Special Thanks To:

E.J. Harrison & Sons
New-Indy Containerboard
Talco Plastics, Inc.
American Forest & Paper Association

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