Scaling free energy generators. Feeding LED bulb with two free energy resonators.

Turn on subtitles (CC) if you cannot hear me. Sorry for this bad sound.
This video is to show you that by scaling Free Energy Generators you can get double voltage, current or both depending on how you connect them. You can connect very many such free energy devices – magnetic resonators and light up whole house, feed RC model, charge cellphone or whatever you want.
Before you say I have some transmitter under the table, look at this video about my free energy device taken outside. This resonator works everywhere.

Free Energy Resonator – filmed outside
One Free Energy Resonator with LED bulb –

Free energy generator, magnet motor with LED diode –
Free energy generator, magnet motor without any electronic, only plastic chassis –
Free energy generator, magnet motor made from DVD –

Ø: 15 mm
Height: 8 mm
Magnetisation: N52

Outer Ø: 8,8 mm
Inner Ø: 7,7 mm
Height: 16,3 mm

Antenna Ø: 10,6 mm
Wire Ø: 1 mm
Height: 49 mm
Coils: 23 – 24

Ø: at least 11 mm
Height: max 3 mm

Please be aware, that these resonators aren’t only about exact dimensions, they are mainly about used materials.






I am receiving hundreds messages and comments every day. Please don’t get it wrong, but I really cannot manage to read them all much less answer them all.
Be aware that I don’t force anybody to believe in my generators. If you don’t believe it, its your choice, let it be and move on.
These videos aren’t to make you possible to produce these generators or teach you how to do it. They are to show you that free energy isn’t fiction. Don’t waste your time (money) and don’t try to make them yourself. I don’t say it is impossible for you to replicate it, in fact some of you managed it already, but you probably won’t manage it without deep knowledge of magnetism and material science.
Please be aware, that these resonators aren’t only about exact dimensions, they are mainly about used materials.
I don’t sell, send, donate any of my generators, magnets and material.
I don’t receive any donations.
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Free Energy Resonator. Another type of a free energy generator. Built using an antenna and overunity coils with neodymium magnets.
Video Rating: / 5


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