27 thoughts on “Solar Powered Cars – solar powered racing (toy cars) 100% solar powered”

  1. Привезете их в Москву, и через пол года я Вам колёса от неё верну. Так как эти автомобили только для теплиц! Реально они и пол года в Москве не проживут… =)))

  2. Long Live to you China.
    May the curse be upon the Empires of polution.
    How much? How can I buy direct from you China?

  3. What we really need to know is how many extra miles will the car be able to go on a sunny day? Also, if you drive the car to work then how much can it charge the battery while parked for 8 hours. More info would be nice.

  4. Thanks for the video, that subject is big time interesting. Please post more about it, I loved the Italian singing at the end – very
    disappointing it is cut at the end….

  5. в первой машине зеркало-регистратор с алиэкспресс.

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