17 Best Inventions To Help You Go Green

From Liquid Powered Batteries to The Bottle-less Water Source here are 17 Best Inventions To Help You Go Green.

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#9 – Liquid Powered Batteries
If you have ever wanted to power your batteries for your Gameboy, but had nothing around you except for a soda, then you need to get these batteries to prevent that from ever happening again. The NoPoPo batteries are hydro-electric batteries that use a liquid combined with carbon and magnesium to generate long-lasting power. The coolest thing about these batteries is that you can use just about any type of liquid to charge them. Anything from water to soda or even urine or blood. They made it so that you can use this battery power from almost any source of liquid.

#8 – The Seaworthy Trash Bin
The mess we humans leave in the oceans has been a huge issue since forever, but two Australian surfers seek to change that. Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski created what they call the Seabin. The Seabin is a floating trash bin that is powered by an on-shore water pump. Slowly but surely, it filters the trash from the surrounding waters. This project is not only low maintenance and low cost, but it has been engineered to run all day, every day, without issues. There’s no better way to clean our oceans than to set it and forget it.

#7 – A Salt Powered Lamp
For communities where residents cannot find or harness a source of light during the nighttime hours, this invention would be a lifesaver. This is the SALt Lamp, and it can give you an entire night’s worth of light with just a glass of water and two tablespoons of salt. Even in the event that salt cannot be purchased or found, the light can run entirely off of the salty sea water.

#6 – Portable Turbines
Being able to harness the energy of the wind is a powerful thing. Usually, before the invention of the Trinity wind turbine, this source of power was left for open fields and large outdoor spaces. Now, with the help of the Trinity, you can choose whichever model to fit your needs, all of which can be folded up and easily transported anywhere. Whether you need to charge your cell phone or your electric car, the Trinity turbine will get you powered.

#5 – The Recharging Lane
As of now, this great invention is only across the seas in England, but one day soon, this concept will make its way over to America. You can see the electric car recharging lane in this picture here. The green lane is made with electromagnetic fields buried below the surface of the street. This allows electric car drivers to charge their vehicle without ever having to stop, pull over, or get out of the car.

#4 – The Pencil Printer
Step aside 3-D Printers; this is the go-to green version we’ve been dreaming of. Now, instead of discarding those stubby pencils you have littering the bottom of every drawer in the house, you can turn them into full page documents. This concept printer that was invented by Hoyoung Lee, takes apart old pencils and uses the lead to print out pages. The machine also comes with an eraser so that you can not only save on ink, but on paper as well.

#3 – The Office Recycler
This can be quite an expense at 0,000 for each machine, but if your budget can handle it, it’s worth the investment. This machine is called the “White Goat,” and it takes old paperwork that needs to be recycled or shredded and turns it into a roll of toilet paper. It takes about 40 sheets of paper to make a full roll and the entire process takes about 30 minutes. Now you can kill two birds with one stone and get rid of paper waste and resupply the bathroom with toilet paper all in one step. A genius design concept from Japan.

#2 – The Eco-Themed Shower Curtain
If you have wanted to make a conscious effort to use less water when bathing, but don’t know how, this is the perfect invention for you. It is an eco-friendly shower curtain designed by Elisabeth Buecher. As you can see from this photo, the curtain has large plastic spikes on it, and it works on a timer. Once the time on your timer has run out, the spikes will slowly inflate until you are stuck between a few dozen plastic spikes. Make sure you shower within the time, and you’ll be just fine.

#1 – The Bottle-less Water Source
Water bottles are one of the things we humans waste most. Even after some years of companies encouraging you to opt for the longer-term non-disposable water bottles by making them in cool prints and patterns, the idea isn’t catching on enough to make a difference, but these might. This is a source of water that has zero waste. The sphere has a clear wrapper that you peel off and dispose of; it decomposes on its own. Once you have unwrapped your water, you just pop the whole thing into your mouth and either bite through the edible sphere to get the water, or you can wait for the sphere to dissolve in your mouth. Regardless of how you enjoy it, it allows you to stay hydrated without increasing your carbon footprint.
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