5 incredible ideas that Give Free Energy

Numero uno: 00:00 tea generator
номер два: 01:41 nuclear tritium battery
número tres: 05:05 Candle Generator
चार नंबर : 06:11 Body heat generator
排名第五 : 07:57 stove fan

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A new generation of smart youth are now producing the very free energy technologies I have been promoting and the consciousness that goes with it for the past 15 years!

Free Energy and Free Thinking:

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19 thoughts on “5 incredible ideas that Give Free Energy”

  1. Nifty. Hardly "incredible".
    All these ideas give minimal output (single digits of volts), and so aren't really very practical.

  2. I'm using quotes around words with meanings that are important. like work, it has more than one meaning, but only one is relevant. my grammar is terrible lol

  3. I don't agree with the aether theory. so I won't comment on that. but In all my theories and understanding of current practices, the "free" energy has no meaning. "generating" electricity is actually the process of pulling electrons into a circuit, usually with the intention of storing it, or for performing "work". nothing is being creating by the process, it is all just motion.

  4. I dunno about this peltier cell… how would I know which side is cold/hot, or it doesn't matter as long as you put one side to heat, the other should be cooled?

    connect it to a battery and touch'em (knock) silly me :D


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