20 thoughts on “60 minutes – E-Waste”

  1. Sad reality is that recycling electronics properly is just not profitable. The waste management fees and tax breaks are, but the recycling itself is not. So its inevitable that companies will take the fees and tax breaks and send the waste where low cost labor and zero safety makes it profitable to recycle.
    I wonder what would happen, if like ROHS restricts use of hazardous chemicals another directive demanded use of few extra dollars worth of precious metals, to make recycling profitable.

  2. Exported by someone else to China. Not us guv. What a slimy scumbag towards the end of the film.

  3. It's funny how these e-waste companies swear up and down that they are 100% legit, and that they have high regards and integrity, yet the moment you dig deeper and find the real truth it always turns into… "well I wasn't aware of that" or "it didn't come from my building" love how when it comes to business lying is much a part of daily life as making money or paying the bills… glad this guy got what was coming to him,

  4. ppl dont u know Americans lie!! to get their way. look at the corrupt president. look at 911 all american doings. lies lies

  5. And we still do business with these corrupt chinese types. Amazing. The way our prime minister here in England snivelled around them when they visited made me sick. Still, much of the chuckaway electronics so loved by the planned obsolecence people was made in china to begin with…

  6. this make me a bit sick… but i do my self E-waste but i just grab computer and just tear down the parts. and i do re-use them in other computers, i hope to have all pc parts and re-use them.. just give it a clean and try to fix it…

  7. He did not export crt tubes to Hong Kong. Got it? The container somehow made it to HongKong without permission lol Gotta love lawyers. I mean liars. I just don't understand what's so bad about exporting e-waste. That's how poor people in other countries make their living. Its always the suit and tie guys like the Geneva Convention people who have a problem. The rich don't like poor people making money. And other there they recycle much more than us.

  8. Dumbass Pelley, knows he's going to be amongst toxic waste, and doesn't bring a filter, or breathing apparatus.
    Coughs and chokes, for dramatic effect. Typical jackass reporter.
    We know the facts. Lose the acting bit. Really.

  9. There is a safe way to dispose of fluorscent lighting tubes inwhich they are compressed about the size of a hot water heater container for safer transportion and recycling.
    They can make the same thing with CRTs or electronic componants.

  10. I hate shit like this – not the video or reporting but the fact that people just keep hurting people and even more so, in the poorer nations.

  11. The picture tubes need to be dumped somewhere. Leave the business owners alone. Ship the crap to Antarctica or somewhere there is no one around. Its always the rich who don't want to deal with the junk.

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