Air pollution

In 2012, seven million people died worldwide because of air pollution. It is one of the most serious threats to public health, according to the World Health Organisation.VIDEOGRAPHIC
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Air pollution is a global pandemic that’s underway. It’s a major health challenge yet nobody talks about it. It affects everyone but we usually ignore it cause we can’t actually “see” it. Now it’s time to talk about it and find a way to solve it together.

Romain Lacombe just stepped down as Head of Innovation and Development of Etalab (, the French Prime Minister’s task force for Open Government Data, which he helped create in 2011 after authoring a seminal report on Open Data’s potential for France.

At Etalab, Romain focused on policy delivery, startups outreach and international relations, representing his country in G8 Open Data Charter technical negotiations in 2013 and coordinating France’s recent adhesion to the Open Government Partnership.

A former Silicon Valley entrepreneur, environmental researcher and World Bank consultant, Romain graduated in physics, applied mathematics and economics from Ecole Polytechnique and holds a MS in Technology Policy from MIT where he was a Fulbright Scholar. He is now launching an Internet of Things startup for greener cities.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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  1. i live in new Zealand so i am not infected by Air Pollution because we have lots of trees you don't know how much

  2. When you can speak about Solar Radiation Management and how the Paris Agreement of the COP21 Climate Conference is adding millions of tons of carbon, heavy metals and toxic chemicals BACK INTO THE SKY and OCEANS you will be touching the surface of reality. Air pollution provides millions of jobs to the medical field, pharmaceuticals, and to those who dispose of spent carbon. Talk about the truth and stop ignoring the facts. Denial is getting us nowhere. We see it in our skies – talk about it! "Our future is in the air".

  3. You lost me when you said Green Revolution has put food on the table for billions. Come to India and you will see the horror of the so called "Green" revolution in Punjab.

  4. The air pollution in the next years will be the main problem in the world, i mean is already the main, but the people don't know about it

  5. I am sorry Do you all asking the permit or agreement from Human Right before your making decision doing as your team did its? And some documents HR had sign agreement with the other company to keep in Business Confidential by Laws. Did you thinking about that before if the Laws controls documents had openned and was sharing in global when I been in the Jell whose shall going there with me? Does is fair and frankly for me?

  6. Open data sounds great but at the same time governments can always fudge the numbers. It would be great if technology could be invented that would be cheap and reliable enough to empower the individual.People could then hold the government numbers in check with there own ability to detect pollution. Perhaps the public could even create a sort map of pollution. I agree with Romaine though that this is a problem that seriously needs to be solved.

  7. No environment is the same for any 2 given people lol
    You want a democracy with people who know nothing about biology and ecology to vote on what they believe sounds morally correct?

    If you have  uneducated people like we do now we just vote for what feels good and fear runs the freak show.

  8. If you are going to say smoking is bad then you have to saying cooking food on a fire is pollution.
    QQB is terrorism lookout lol

  9. Tabbaco does not cause cancer,It "may" cause cancer,many things cause cancer lol
    Drugs are not  addictive alone,not everybody who has a beer or joint becomes a junkie lol
    Its Capitalism destroying the planet,the Fact war and money are addictive trumps all other addictions by far and proves addiction can have nothing to do with drugs.
    You don't even know what creates addiction, $$$$$$$ is the global killer,War is a Racket by Smedly D Butler,The Market is fatal.
    Shopping is killing the planet fool!

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