BBC How Plants Communicate & Think – Amazing Nature Documentary

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20 thoughts on “BBC How Plants Communicate & Think – Amazing Nature Documentary”

  1. The Prof. said the greatest discover is yet to come e.g. How to plants process food and eliminate waste ??? Do they eliminate food . . . can we learn from this???

  2. Why would anyone be surprised than plants have more genes? They have literally been here millions of years longer than animals. Duh.

  3. So it bothers the rich white hunt club owners for animals in the hunt park to lie dead for no reason, but it's ok if they lie dead bc of a bullet, bc money. That is sick.

  4. 5:40 … oops, how did you compare rates of stomach contents' fermentation between kudus on an infected farm with that of kudus on a farm that wasn't infected? lol No mortalities on the healthy farm? except one, slaughtered for science.

  5. When I was younger , in Brasil , I was working for a stylist . One day she needed to go to the city to get more fabric , she needed help , but she decided to just leave me taking care of the store and invited someone else to go with her . Underway , a 18 year old guy assaulted the bus , killed the driver … My friend had some plants with her , she bought them to ornament the store , but suddenly they died , in the bus ! No doubt that plants are pretty much alive and just like us , they are connected with its creator . I do believe that they have a soul and feel love or hate . I love plants , they re amazing in every meaning of the word .

  6. Why are these unintelligible furries, 9gag army soldiers, and various weeb/internet lurkers riddling this intellectual comments section?

  7. Allow me to moderately object that a being that can compose a Mozart symphony is probably more evolved than a fucking rice plant.


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