Best electric cars

You may have noticed that good-old-fashioned petrol and diesel cars haven’t had the best publicity lately. With the rise of hybrid and electric cars, we can expect to see the internal combustion engine phased out over the next few decades, and eventually, electric cars will take over. Here are five of our favourites currently on sale

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9 thoughts on “Best electric cars”

  1. The European range standard is not realistic, use the U.S. one and convert it to km. The Tesla Model S won't achieve 400 miles unless one drives really slowly, the realistic range is up to 500 km with the 100 kWh battery pack, for the lighter and smaller Model 3 is about the same range with the 80 kWh version.

  2. The real world range (distance) of "affordable" EVs is pathetic. What EV could I replace my BMW 320D Touring with? Not….a……single…….one. My car can do over 700 miles on a tank of diesel. A few comments have been made about electricity being produced by coal fuelled power stations, but lets not forget the eco VERY UNfriendly strip mining method of extracting the Lithium used in the batteries. EVs are still a novelty and there is no way they will wholesale replace ICE cars in the next two to three decades. That's utterly delusional. Added to that, if there are millions of cars on the road with batteries that need recharging more often than a diesel for eg. needs refuelling you're going to need giant car parks full of charging stations where cars sit for up to an hour being charged.

  3. E-cars – sh*tboxes. I don't say this, because I'm a petrolhead or some bs like that, but because car makers bend your over big time for a supposedly (!) eco-friendly car. There is nothing ecofriendly when you have to burn oil and coal to get electricity, there is nothing green about transporting different parts around the world for final assembly using container ships that pollute a lot more than a ICE car and there is nothing eco-friendly about recycling those batteries and getting lithium out of the depths of the earth. So bugger off with this marketing bs.

  4. my next door neighbour, Peter, said these batteries are unproven dodgy technology, what happens if you need to fill up away from home, can you easily find a charge point, no! have you got hours to wait for it to charge to get you back home, no! so wouldnt go for one of these unless there was guaranteed no risk, and he certainly would not buy any french muck, he wont even think about a hybrid, he likes good old petrol, you find petrol stations everywhere, all in all electric cars are rubbish


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