Model of deforestation

Deforestation Actor Harrison Ford travels to Indonesia to learn why demand for palm oil in everyday products at the grocery store is driving massive deforestation. To learn more and take action, go to: Watch all of Harrison Ford’s story on Years of Living Dangerously: Video Rating: / 5

Seedballs – Great Solution to Deforestation – Regrowing Trees

Seedballs are a form of direct seeding, where the seeds are coated within a ball of clay or other materials such as biochar and then spread by various means. They are mostly used in reforestation, but can also be used to improve pasture, establish mixed improved fallows, wind breaks, wood lots, for biochar or charcoal … Read more


The Event Is Coming Soon – HOW YOUR FAVOURITE CHOCOLATE BARS ARE CONTRIBUTING TO ILLEGAL DEFORESTATION Our love for chocolate is undeniably high, meaning that the demand for cocoa beans is continuously increasing. Chocolate companies make a lot of money off this industry — an estimated 0 billion annually to be precise — and this … Read more

10 Deforestation Facts

Some facts about deforestation that are meant to inform you on how the world is slowly dying. This video was created by Matt. Bibliography:… Video Rating: / 5 Do you know what’s happening to the Amazon rainforest? Do you really? DO you know the effect we’re causing on it? Watch and find out … Read more

Amazon Deforestation: Timelapse

Explore a global timelapse of our planet, constructed from Landsat satellite imagery. The Amazon rainforest is shrinking at a rapid rate to provide land for farming and raising cattle. Each frame of the timelapse map is constructed from a year of Landsat satellite data, constituting an annual 1.7-terapixel snapshot of the Earth at 30-meter resolution. … Read more

Harmful Effects of Deforestation

Join us on Twitter : twitter: #dyk_official Join us on G+ : join us on FB : https://www. FACEBOOK /infofacts Video Rating: / 5 Harrison Ford travels to Indonesia in 2013 to investigate how the world’s appetite for palm oil – an ingredient in everything from candy bars to laundry detergent – has led … Read more