China smog: ‘Sky dark from air pollution’ – BBC News

For the fourth day in a row, large sections of northeast China remain covered by a thick layer of smog considered hazardous to human health. Millions of people have been told to stay indoors, and most factories and schools have been shut. It comes as President Xi Jinping attends the opening of the UN Global Conference on Climate Change in Paris.
Celia Hatton reports.

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Air Pollution Awareness Video


23 thoughts on “China smog: ‘Sky dark from air pollution’ – BBC News”

  1. Moving factories to east of China is causing a serious health hazard due to smog moving from China to Korea. There are satellite pictures showing this movement. I live in Korea and am raising kids, and as a mother I am just totally, absolutely angry. Every year smog gets worse and this year I have seen clear skies for only few days within these last 3 months. I consider this a chemical terror to the neighboring country. China should take responsibility. They should either move or shut-down the factories.

  2. Don't worry about the pollution China. Just keep on doing want you're doing and pass the U.S.A as the largest economy. By then all of you will be sterile and will start dropping like flies.
    I would work with greedy people that would smoke hard and drink hard. It's comical because before they're retired they get cancer and can't enjoy all that money they made.

  3. And it's worse today, omg.
    I can't even go back to, this 'place'.
    Is it a plan of massacre or something? I think I heard Satan's smiling.

  4. China have over 1.3 billion people, they could plant 250 million trees a day. Stop complaining about factories inn China, Chinese people should stop buying China made products and buys imports – this will shutdown these factories for good and immigrate to southern China where their bodies can cope with warmer temperature.

  5. Hello I am doing a project for my chemistry class and I was wondering if I could have permission to use a small clip from your video for information?

  6. This is what a vote for Clinton will bring to your city in America. She is a Communist leader within the Democratic party. Look up her past education and travels. She's working for the Chinese.

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