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  1. Sri Lanka must be one of the most wierdly taxxed countries of all, here people can buy a Nissan Leaf for around the $22000~$24000. But if you want to buy a Base Model Kia Sorento; it starts at around $110,000. Here if you buy a fully loaded 520D, it's around $40,000 cheaper than a base model BMW 420D. oh the kicker part is, you can buy a fully loaded P85D Tesla in Sri Lanka for around $135,000, but you can get a BMW 4 series starter at a little bit over $250,000. here some vehicals are taxxed at rates that exceeds 550% meaning the total cost of the vehical exceeds 650% when it passes through the harbour gates. Still the polititians here get a 0 Tax permit every year with which they (people who had bearly passed the 8th grade, know absolutely nothing, have almost makes no difference, no education) each have around 5 or 6 Porsches, around 10 Defenders as security, and when their kids eventually grow up and requests Lambos & Ferraris, they smuggle them easily, so they pay the same for a Ferrari as we the citizens pay for a base BMW 5 series 😛 Now that's corruption (btw the Toyota gt86 that I am looking to buy soon costs around $120,000)

  2. The best way to think about it is the battery is essentially an electric supercharger, though not all of them are aimed at performance. A Prius is a treehugger; an Infiniti Q50S Hybrid isn't, though it gets pretty good get efficiency and power because it uses a battery as opposed to a large displacement engine or a parasitic supercharger or turbocharger.

  3. Man this video was great you guys got a written article for this? need to do a report for school and this is by far the most informative source i found

  4. I'm not much of a fan on hybrids they aren't bad cars don't get me wrong i just don't really see myself driving one. One good thing i like about them besides excellent MPG is that hybrids are very torque happy however that doesn't mean you ricer fanboys should go out there and slam it because if you do i will point and laugh at you it is not a "rice" car it is a fuel economy car!

  5. i never knew the Cruze Eco was a mild hybrid. i swear they never said anything about hybrid. they only said it has a load of aero treatment,

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