7 thoughts on “Do you know where your e-waste goes?”

  1. they don't want to show they face, because they knew you gonna make they face to hurt they country… go back to the hole that you belong F*ing Fake Jew…

  2. so they are recycling this stuff and people are mad about it?
    this is money not trash.
    go to any recycling plant. they got trash..i mean money all over the place. looks the same.

  3. Do you know where all the waste from Fukushima goes? Guess how much of that waste is collected….. Computers and such are worth money. out near Goodyear Az is such a place. A pickup truck full of crap might bring you $4000 or so.   Hey, that smokey voiced creature has a bulge in her dress. That got Mike Obama into some trouble!


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